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Reports & guides | 2 November 2021

Indigenous media presence: climate imagery, land use and Indigenous peoples in Central and South America

Explore the trilingual online toolkit accompanying this report!

This study highlights the importance of Indigenous representation in climate and land use imagery. Indigenous representation is a priority not only for the improvement of climate imagery and visualisation, but also for the development of values and principles for good media practice on environmental matters. This study stems from a need to better understand how, given the increased interconnectivity of contemporary society, the stories told about climate change have a profound and widespread effect.

At the heart of the report are eight principles of visual best practice for content producers, editors, distributors, agencies and publishers who wish to work with, for, or are from the Indigenous and forest Communities of Central and South America. Find them via the menu below – or by going to the Spanish or Portuguese pages.

Eight principles for Indigenous media presence:

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