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The Team

We’re a team of social scientists and communications specialists passionate about building a strong social mandate for climate action, by placing people at the heart of tackling this global issue.

Our core team is supported by dedicated trustees and associates as well as a research advisory board. We’re based in the UK but work with partners worldwide.

Core Team

Jamie Clarke

Executive Director

Jamie has led Climate Outreach since 2013, steering its growth into an internationally acclaimed organisation. As a values-based leader, he  provides strategic direction with an empathetic management approach and has extensive governance experience. He is a proven international speaker and considered writer who feels as comfortable addressing the UNFCCC as co-authoring books such as Talking Climate. In his studies as a social scientist, he focused on participatory processes at the nexus of societal and environmental issues. Undertaking extensive research in the Pantanal region of Brazil crystalised his understanding of centrality of effective citizen engagement in change processes.  

Passionate about widening engagement with climate change, he has previously worked for advocacy organisations including Amnesty International UK and Practical Action. In these roles he saw how difficult it is for many people to connect with climate change narratives, and how this often underpins apathy and opposition.  Determined to address this and the largely under-recognised role that the wider public has in tackling climate change, he previously led a successful youth climate outreach programme that targeted marginalised students studying vocational courses. Jamie lived for many years on a canal boat but now lives on terra firma in Oxford with his family and is rarely off a bicycle.

Dr Amiera Sawas

Programmes and Research Director

Amiera Sawas joined Climate Outreach in 2021. She is responsible for overseeing the programmatic and research implementation of the organisation’s strategy. Amiera has diverse experience in climate, environment and development research and programming work, across the private, non-governmental and academic sectors. This has taken her to various countries including Sweden, Pakistan, Jordan and Kenya. As a result, she’s really passionate about the potential of bringing diverse stakeholders together to combat climate change and set an inclusive vision for our collective future.

Amiera has a PhD in Human Geography, a Masters in Global Politics and a Bachelors in Psychology. She is terrible at languages but has managed to hone a good grasp of French, as well as some basic Urdu. She is currently making her Syrian family proud by finally dedicating time to learning Arabic. In her spare time she can be found dancing samba, listening to hip hop and endlessly watching true crime documentaries.

Noora Firaq

Operations Director

Noora, Operations Director, leads on implementing our organisational strategy and makes it real. She works closely with the other Directors in defining the long-term financial planning and business strategy of Climate Outreach. After Business and Law School, she started her career at Financial Ombudsman Service and there she discovered the value of operational management. She has worked in charities, co-operatives, ethical finance with a focus in organisational management and transformation. 

Her love for coral reefs inspired her to work in the climate change sector. She is passionate about making her contribution to building a social mandate around climate change by using her professional skills to help her team be the best at what they do. She is always looking for innovative ways of working to help her team. Noora is from the Maldives and her childhood was split between the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Her first language is Dhivehi and she tries hard not to forget her Sinhalese! In her free time, she loves to spend time with her friends, read and go for walks.

George Marshall

Founding Director

George has 30 years experience at all levels of communications and advocacy – from community level protest movements, to senior positions in Greenpeace and the Rainforest Foundation, to advisory roles for governments, businesses and international agencies. He is an award winning documentary maker and writes regularly on climate change issues including articles for The Guardian, The New Statesman, New Scientist and The Ecologist.

He is also the author of two books, Carbon Detox (Hamlyn Gaia, 2007) and Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change, listed by Esquire as one of the ’15 essential books on climate change’. Go to George’s Wikipedia page for more information about him.

Dr Christopher Shaw

Senior Programme Lead: Research

Chris has been with Climate Outreach’s research team since 2015. In that role, he has been focused on ensuring climate communication practice is informed by a robust and up-to-date evidence base, combining new research with the existing literature to provide communicators with accessible resources to support their work. Chris’s work has been driven by a belief that successful climate policies are those policies that are shaped by the voices, concerns and aspirations of the people who live their lives outside of the policy and campaigning bubble. Chris completed his doctoral thesis as a mature student in 2011 at the University of Sussex, on the communication of climate risk, a theme he continues to publish on. 

In his previous lives Chris worked as a Geography teacher and then in marketing, always with the ultimate aim of learning how to engage people with climate change risks. Between completing his doctoral studies and starting work at Climate Outreach, Chris held research posts at the University of Sussex and the University of Oxford. Outside of office hours Chris can normally be found either smashing his tennis racket on the ground in frustration at yet another defeat, or wandering aimlessly on the South Downs and blaming inaccurate Ordnance Survey maps for being lost.

Robin Webster

Senior Programme Lead: Advocacy Communications

Robin leads the Advocacy Communications programme for Climate Outreach, focusing on providing civil society campaigners with knowledge, tools and research to help them engage all sorts of people on climate change. She loves working with campaigners for their resilience and positivity even when facing up to the world’s biggest challenge. She has been knocking around the environmental world for twenty years as a researcher, journalist and campaigner, first becoming interested in the disconnect between political debate about climate change and how we talk about it in real life whilst working as campaigner for Friends of the Earth. She helped to start up Carbon Brief when it began life as a climate science and energy blog and has spent more time than is healthy digging into the intricacies of climate policy, including as a researcher for the European Climate Foundation. 

Robin has a Masters in Conservation from UCL and an undergraduate degree in Biology. She is the author of Climate Outreach’s #TalkingClimate handbook amongst many others, and has lived in the UK, USA, Uganda and Austria. In her spare time Robin hikes, swims, cycles and teaches and plays at comedy improv, which she thinks is the best art form in the world.

Toby Smith

Senior Programme Lead: Visuals and Media

Toby is the Visuals and Media Programme Lead, with a strategic goal of expanding our presence, influence and impact in the visual and media sectors. He joins us with over 12 years experience as an award-winning environmental photographer who focuses on building innovative and global stories through collaboration and publication in leading editorial outlets.  

Toby graduated with a Masters in Photography from London College of Communication in 2008 after spending 2 years working across Africa utilising his bachelors degree in Zoology and Environmental Science. He is an Associate Scholar of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute and lives near Stroud with his wife and son.

Alex Randall

Senior Programme Lead: Communities

Alex manages the Climate Change and Migration Coalition – an alliance that exists to challenge the lack of long-term strategies to support and protect people at risk of displacement linked to environmental change. Before joining Climate Outreach, he worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology. He has also worked for the Public Interest Research Centre on their Values and Frames project. He co-founded Cheat Neutral, a spoof offsetting company, and UN Fair Play, an organisation that works with small island states at international climate change negotiations.

Dr Roz Pidcock

Science Communications Lead

Roz leads the Science Communications programme at Climate Outreach. She started life as a scientist, gaining a PhD in oceanography from Southampton University, but quickly realised that thinking, talking and writing about science appealed to her more. Before coming to Climate Outreach in January 2019, Roz worked at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as Head of Communications for Working Group I (physical science). Before that, she was Deputy Editor at the climate change news and analysis website, Carbon Brief.

Her professional interests are supporting climate experts to talk with different audiences about their work, enhancing public engagement with climate change, and promoting the role of scientific evidence in policy-making and public discourse. Her personal ones are running, the outdoors, her family, her dog and being on/in/near the sea (among other things and not necessarily in that order). She is from London but now lives in Chichester, via time spent living in Southampton and London again. 

Dr Susie Wang


Susie is a Researcher at Climate Outreach, and is responsible for the design, execution and delivery of quantitative and qualitative social science research on a range of projects. She has a background in environmental and social psychology, and comes to Climate Outreach after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, and her PhD at the University of Western Australia. 

Growing up in Australia, Susie was figuring out what to do with her life in the confusing context of the country’s acute vulnerability to climate change (extreme heat, bushfires, and drought) and politically polarised landscape of climate delay and denial.  For this reason, Susie is interested in the factors that lead people to feel close to climate change, particularly the role of emotions, identity and social connections. Her work spans climate change communications, imagery, pro-environmental behaviours, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. Aside from English, Susie also speaks Mandarin, and is attempting to learn Dutch. She is based in the Netherlands, where she enjoys making art, climbing rocks, and growing food in her backyard.

David Powell

Climate Engagement Lab Lead

David leads our Climate Engagement Lab, which helps UK climate advocacy and campaigning organisations deliver innovative and evidence-based engagement plans. He has 15 years experience as a campaigner, communicator, researcher and strategist on environment and climate change. He’s worked as senior campaigner on economics and resources at Friends of the Earth and most recently as Head of Environment and Green Transition at the New Economics Foundation.  He has a MA in English Literature, an MSc in Environmental Strategy, and a Graduate Diploma in Economics.  He’s particularly interested in the intersection between systems change and individual psychology, and how to build campaigns that harness the deeply held concerns we all have about the climate crisis.

Outside of work he plays jazz saxophone and clarinet, and is the co-host of two podcasts, Sustainababble and Your Brain on Climate. He is also the chair of Somerset Wildlands.

Deepayan Basu Ray

Climate Engagement Initiative Lead

Deep is the Climate Engagement Initiative Campaign Lead at Climate Outreach. He works with governments and international bodies to increase recognition of public engagement as a key component in addressing climate change and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Deep has worked for 15 years in international and regional forums on arms control and sustainable development; working with civil society and parliamentarians to support more inclusive treaty and policy development processes. Prior to joining Climate Outreach, Deep worked with Pacific Island and Southeast Asian countries to strengthen their national systems, laws and legislation to ensure compliance with a range of UN treaties and agreements. He also established and led the Arms Trade Treaty Monitor project – a civil society initiative to strengthen compliance with the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Deep holds an MA in International Relations (Sussex University) and a BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies (York University, Canada). He is fluent in Bengali, English, and Hindi. In his spare time he can be found singing, rustling up Indian feasts, and taking his ice hockey fantasy league  ‘commissioner’ duties far too seriously.

Julia Rawlins

Engagement Lead: Germany Talks Climate

Julia is Engagement Lead for Germany Talks Climate and lives in Berlin. She joined Climate Outreach in September 2021 and is passionate about collaborative and creative approaches to addressing climate change. She has a Masters of Science (Environmental Policy) and Masters of Arts (European Literature and History) and loves to bridge the gaps between disciplines, sectors and cultures. She has worked for a number of international organisations, including the British Council and Climate-KIC, and having focused on responses to climate change from diverse perspectives (culture, education, entrepreneurship and research), she is inspired by the many people, ideas and actions that are already working towards a just transition.

She is an active member of several international associations / networks, such as Linking Tourism and Conservation, and is currently pursuing a fellowship on Climate Justice with the German Institute for Foreign Relations. As a nature enthusiast, she’s very often in the east German countryside cycling, swimming and bird-watching…as well as training to be a wildlife ranger in the German capital.

Jenny Gellatly

Advocacy Communications Coordinator and Assistant Researcher

Jenny is coordinator and assistant researcher for our Advocacy Communications work, focusing on providing civil society campaigners with knowledge and tools to help them engage diverse people on climate change. She has over fifteen years’ experience working in the community, environmental, and arts sectors, specialising in designing, managing and delivering projects and processes that facilitate dialogue, exchange and action around ecological and social challenges.  She is co-founder of School Farm Community Supported Agriculture, where she spent 6 years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator.  Prior to working at Climate Outreach she worked as a Creative Associate and Project Manager with arts organisation, Encounters, and as the Coordinator of Transition Town Totnes, a charity focused on collective action to radically reduce energy and material use and build community resilience.

Jenny studied Environmental Geography and International Development at the University of East Anglia, leading to an interest in human scale development and post development approaches.  In her spare time, she loves to read, spend time outdoors, organise with others, and to explore new stories we could live by.

Kat Wilcox

Fundraising Lead

Kat joined Climate Outreach in March 2020, as the Fundraising Lead. She manages the relationships with our wonderful philanthropic donor and overseas individual giving and academic grants. She says that she ‘fell into’ fundraising as she looked for any role in the development sector, but quickly came to love it because of the privileged position it inhabits between all the techy know-how for creating positive change and all the brilliant people who want to support that change.
Kat studied Environmental Management at Cardiff University before going on to work at the Natural History Museum and then moving into the NGO sector with Christian Aid, SNV and WWF. She has worked in Tanzania, the Philippines, the Palestinian Territories, Mali, most recently spending 5 years in Vietnam. She can speak quite a few languages really poorly. Outside of work, Kat enjoys walking her dog and dragging her children around the New Forest, where she is currently based.

Isabel Greed

Fundraising Coordinator

Isabel joined Climate Outreach in August 2021 to support the organisation in growing income through grants and individual giving. She has spent more than 10 years fundraising in the nature conservation sector, developing a broad knowledge of different fundraising methods. Growing up at a time when the hole in the ozone layer was a looming threat, she has always had a deep concern about the environment. This was amplified at university where she learned about the impact of climate change on humanity. Thus began a career in nature conservation with a keen interest in social engagement. She has worked locally, nationally and internally with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust and Butterfly Conservation.

Isabel has two young children with whom she enjoys slowly navigating local nature spots and is currently upping her knowledge on edible wild plants. Having spent 2020 training to be a yoga teacher, she loves to combine teaching with her love of nature and holds regular sessions in local woods.

Léane de Laigue

Communications Lead

Léane leads on disseminating our insights and resources in a way that creates the biggest impact possible. She started her career as a Marketing Manager for Johnson & Johnson, before deciding to become a history teacher. She was asked to teach an Environmental Studies class without any previous experience in the subject, and learning and talking about climate change with her students completely changed her worldview. She has since dedicated herself to public engagement with climate change, working for the David Suzuki Foundation and now Climate Outreach.

Léane’s life has been evenly split between Canada, France, the UK and the US, with a bit of time in Hong Kong and Argentina. She is a native speaker of English and French, speaks Spanish and is currently learning Mandarin. She holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Management (Canada) and an MBA (US) as well as undergraduate degrees in Education (Canada) and Humanities (France). In her spare time she can be found climbing mountains, kayaking, reading graphic novels and sometimes unicycling.

Sarah Horsley

COP26 Media Manager

Sarah Horsley joined Climate Outreach in August 2021 to provide support on media relations ahead of COP26 in Glasgow. 

Sarah originally trained as journalist and started her career on local newspapers, firstly in Cumbria, before moving to the South London Guardian. Here, she went on to become Chief Reporter, then News Editor, and completed her Certificate in Newspaper Journalism with the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

After a move to Geneva, Switzerland, Sarah changed tack career-wise and moved to the PR side of things. She joined the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as its Global Media Relations Officer. Here, she secured press coverage on many topics, including the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, marine issues, protected areas and, of course, climate change. She attended COPs, launching scientific reports for IUCN, such as the species most likely to be affected by climate change and the consequences of rising sea temperatures on coral reefs. 

Since moving back to the UK, Sarah has worked freelance as an editor and writer for a communications agency in London. 

Sarah has a BA Hons in Modern History from Balliol College, Oxford, loves speaking French, and spends her spare time looking after various animals on a small farm in Cumbria and running around after her three children. 

Nuri Syed Corser

Communications Coordinator

As a Communications Coordinator, Nuri helps spread the word about Climate Outreach to as many people as possible! Before joining us in 2021, he worked in political campaigning. As well as climate change, he has campaigned on a range of social and environmental issues – from refugee rights to tax justice, and from bees to Brexit.

Nuri has hopped between various European countries in the course of his career, working for NGOs in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK. He also worked for the Scottish Green Party and as an aide to a Member of the European Parliament. 

He holds an undergraduate degree in Politics & Social Anthropology, and a Master’s in Social Policy. Outside work, he dabbles in amateur theatre and pottery, consumes podcasts at a prodigious rate, and is slowly trying to improve his French. 

Nuri lives in London, but takes regular trips to Oxford (for work) and to his native Scotland (for fresh air).

Alvin David

Finance Manager

Alvin joined Climate Outreach in July 2021 as the organisation’s Finance Manager. He is responsible for managing our finances, ensuring strong financial control, and helping to scale up our systems and processes that will support our ambitious growth plans. He has 25 years of experience in senior finance roles within large organisations, predominantly in the mineral extraction and construction materials industry. 

Whilst Alvin originally trained as an accountant, he also holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. After some travelling in southeast Asia, he became increasingly interested in the close interconnections between climate change and development. This led to studying part-time for an MSc in Climate Change and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). It has since been his ambition to join an organisation engaged in climate change.  

Alvin lives with his family on the Kent coast. He enjoys long, tough hilly cycle rides and rides approximately 10,000kms each year.

Tara Bryer

Senior Project Management Lead

Tara started in Climate Outreach in 2017 as a project coordinator and it is here where she developed her enthusiasm for dynamic project management. Tara is an accredited PRINCE2 project manager and leads a team of project managers in delivering a large portfolio of international projects. 

While studying for an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, an overland trip to the COP15 in Copenhagen, 2009, showed her how little civil society had been engaged in the conversation taking place within the conference centre. Her passion for effective public engagement with science and climate change led her to complete her Msc. in Science Communication at Imperial College London in 2014.

Tara grew up in Dublin with her mum and grandparents and now lives in Oxford with her husband and son. She knows the Holyhead to Dublin ferry crossing times off by heart. On weekends, Tara can be found running along the river, baking scones, or chasing her son around the local playground.

Kate Heath

Project Manager

Kate manages a portfolio of projects across Climate Outreach’s programmes. She has a mixed science, arts, and management background, all with a focus on action for social equity. She originally trained as an actor, with a view to doing political theatre, then studied Environmental Sciences and International Development at UEA followed by an MSc in Water Management at Cranfield. Her work has spanned various sectors – a key worker with homeless people; water quality monitoring for the UK Environment Agency; several years of humanitarian response (in DRC, Liberia, and Nepal, as a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme Manager and later running grant management departments for Oxfam and Tearfund), and project support for human rights media with Internews. She joined Climate Outreach after becoming convinced that climate change is the biggest humanitarian issue of our day. She has an inclusive faith that some might call Franciscan, and champions diversity and inclusion issues. She speaks French and Spanish and is currently based in Brittany, France, where she surfs, clowns, and dances.

Marné Beukes

Project Manager

Marné manages an array of projects across Climate Outreach’s programmes as Project Manager and will also support the development of new systems as Climate Outreach expands.

She brings a wealth of experience from different sectors, having worked in the energy, fintech, and not-for-profit sectors. Marné grew up in South Africa, where she witnessed how native vegetation died as a result of climate change.  Marné holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an Honours degree in International Relations from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). She hit British shores over a decade ago to study for a Master’s degree in International Relations at Cambridge University. She is a qualified project manager and active member of the Association for Project Management. A bit of a spreadsheet geek, she looks forward to developing innovative ways to tell compelling stories with data.

She is a keen writer and is working on a novel set in Greece many moons ago. When not writing and working, she is left breathless after yet another countryside hike.

Siri Pantzar

Project Manager

Siri is part of the Project Management team at Climate Outreach, helping keep the organisation’s diverse project portfolio on track. Her background is in cooperative community organisations, and she is passionate about effective and inclusive stakeholder communication and decision-making – and particularly, good meetings. Siri moved from Finland to the UK in 2011 to study; she has a Masters’ Degree in Global Environment, Politics and Society from the University of Edinburgh.

Siri is a Trustee of Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland. In her free time, Siri enjoys the Scottish outdoors near her home in Edinburgh; she is also an active part of the local art community and in non-pandemic times you can find her juggling with fire, drumming or doing acrobatics around the city. Siri originally joined Climate Outreach as an Executive Assistant in September 2020.

Martha Wiltshire

Organisational Development Coordinator

Martha joined Climate Outreach in 2018 as the Executive Assistant, moved to the project management team in 2020, and is now working in the Operations Department as the Organisational Development Coordinator – supporting Climate Outreach to grow sustainably within our organisational values. She is particularly passionate about developing and implementing systems that have wellbeing at the heart of them, while improving cross-team effectiveness and collaboration.

Martha’s background is in project management, executive coordination and supporting projects for local community organisations such as Good Food Oxford, Refill Oxford and Tandem Collective, as well as international NGOs such as the South African based Children’s Radio Foundation. It was while working at the Children’s Radio Foundation that she saw how providing a platform for people to tell their stories to their own communities can lead to social transformation.

Martha holds a BA in Geography from the University of Oxford and a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability and Adaptation from the Centre for Alternative Technology. She is a keen musician and plays cello, piano and accordion, and is a member of the collective, “Folkatron Sessions”.

Steve Gerrish

Office Volunteer

Steve previously worked for the Potato Council for 25 years where he provided an information service to staff and potato growers, moving into knowledge transfer work in the latter part of his career there. He took redundancy when the organisation relocated to Warwickshire in July 2009 and volunteered for Climate Outreach from September 2009 to July 2010, at the same time embarking on studies for MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Following completion of his thesis in summer 2011, Steve stepped in for 5 months to support Carbon Conversations at Climate Outreach, and now continues as a part time volunteer as well as working as an energy assessor of existing and new dwellings.


Camilla Born

Chair of Trustees

Camilla Born is a political strategist, policy advisor and activist specialising in climate diplomacy, security and risk. She is committed to finding solutions for wicked problems. Her work addresses climate change as a systemic risk to our cultures, societies, economies and political systems. She is currently on secondment to the UK Cabinet Office as Deputy Director of Strategy in the COP 26 team. Prior to this appointment she supported the UK’s leadership role on adaptation and resilience at the UK’s Department for International Development and was a Senior Policy Advisor at E3G. She is also a Senior Fellow with the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute (SIPRI) and the very proud Chair of Climate Outreach.

Gitika Bhardwaj


Gitika Bhardwaj works at The Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House and is on the Board of Trustees of Climate Outreach. She has a Master’s degree in European Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in History from Queen Mary, University of London.

Phil Bloomer


Phil is the Executive Director of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, a digital action platform that empowers human rights advocates in civil society, business, government; tracks the human rights performance of over 9,000 companies around the world; and seeks corporate accountability for around 550 allegations of abuse each year. The Resource Centre also presses for policy and practice that drive fast and fair transitions to zero carbon economies; uphold labour rights; and protect civic freedoms .

Phil was previously the Director of Campaigns and Policy at Oxfam, where he led global campaigns on climate justice, trade and investment for development, access to medicines, and major humanitarian crises. Phil worked for 11 years in Central America and Colombia working on human rights, especially indigenous rights, and broader economic justice.

Becky Buell


Becky Buell is a senior practitioner and Board member of the Presencing Institute and a Research Fellow at the MIT Community Innovators Lab.  An experienced senior executive, with over 25 years’ work in the not-for-profit sector and 8 years leading a successful company. She has extensive international experience in strategy, organisational development and business planning, and is an experienced convenor of multi-sector dialogues.  She worked with Oxfam for over 15 years in Latin America and later in the Campaigns and Policy Department in Oxford.  She was a co-founder and partner at Meteos, a research and consultancy organisation specialising in multi-sector dialogues.  She currently works independently as an executive coach and consultant.  In addition to being a Board member of Climate Outreach, she is a Board member of the Presencing Institute. She is a US-UK bi-national, living in Oxford, UK.

Christine Neige


A bilingual French/English finance professional, Christine currently works at the Barbican Centre in London. After more than 10 years’ experience in UK SMEs and a global investment fund, she decided to use her financial, commercial and strategic skills for a not for profit, arts organisation. In 2015, she started to pay attention to the topic of climate change, and got involved as an activist, in the COP21 in Paris. Now, as part of the board of trustees and Treasurer, her objective is to serve the mission and vision of Climate Outreach. Also a yoga teacher, she teaches to groups and refugees in London.

Thomas Puetz


Thomas is an innovative and entrepreneurial leader with extensive experience and specialist knowledge of ‘not for profit’ management and organisational strategy. With twenty years of experience in executive roles in the arts world, the creative industries and film sector, he has focused on programmes that raise awareness and solicit direct engagement with systemic problems such as poverty, inequality global health and the societal effects of environmental exploitation and degradation. An astute campaigner and ambassador for causes, he has driven change and led large and diverse teams to deliver programmes that stand out and make a difference. As a Private Equity Consultant and impact investor, he is currently working on the energy transition, clean tech and water management, focussing on business solutions that integrate innovation with environmental sustainability and social impact.

Research Advisory Board

Dr Zoe Leviston

Australian National University

Zoe Leviston is a Research Fellow at the Australian National University. Her work applies social psychological theory to investigate how individuals, groups, and culture shape people’s responses to climate change and other environmental issues. She is especially interested in how group processes and social norms influence people’s attitudes and behaviours, and the role of collective action in ‘mainstreaming’ meaningful climate action.

Before commencing with the Australian National University in 2020, Zoe was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Edith Cowan University, and a research scientist at the CSIRO – Australia’s peak science body. She has worked alongside a variety of community representatives, Catchment Management Authorities, farmers, agricultural scientists, economists, atmospheric scientists, and a range of stakeholders from state and federal government departments.

Prof Edward Maibach

George Mason University

Edward Maibach, MPH, PhD is a Distinguished University Professor and Director of George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication (Mason 4C).  At Mason 4C, Ed co-directs the Climate Change in the American Mind polling project (with Yale’s Anthony Leiserowitz), is the principal investigator of Climate Matters (a climate reporting resources program that supports TV weathercasters as local climate educators, produced in partnership with Climate Central) and provides strategic direction to the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (an education and advocacy initiative that currently involves 29 national medical societies in the U.S.).

Prof Ezra Markowitz

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ezra Markowitz, Associate Professor of Environmental Decision-Making in the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research and teaching focus on the intersection of decision-making, persuasive communication, public engagement with science, and environmental sustainability. He is particularly interested and expert in the practical application of behavioral science to improve individuals’ and communities’ environmental decision-making; he also has deep expertise in the field of climate change communication and public engagement.

He is the author of over four dozen peer-reviewed research papers, book chapters, and reports, including the 2015 Connecting on Climate guide to climate change communication. At UMass Amherst, Markowitz teaches courses on Environmental Decision-Making, Conservation Social Science, and Public Engagement and Communication for Scientists. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Studies & Policy and an M.S. in Psychology from the University of Oregon, as well as a B.A. in Psychology from Vassar College. Markowitz is also a Fellow with the FrameWorks Institute.

Prof Saffron O’Neill

University of Exeter

Saffron O’Neill is an Associate Professor in Geography at the University of Exeter, UK. Her interdisciplinary research explores the social science dimensions of climate variability and climate change, particularly in terms of climate change communication and public engagement. Her work examines the diverse places in which people experience climate change in their everyday lives: from personal attachments to valued places, to interactions on social media.

Her particular area of expertise is in the visual communication of climate change. Her research has explored climate imagery in different media, across nations, and over time; and what this means for how people engage with climate change. She supervises a fantastic group of PhD students who are all undertaking research in communication-related topics: from how climate change is communicated online, youth attitudes to climate change, communicating adaptation, to communicating about seasonal climate forecasts.

Dr James Painter

University of Oxford

James Painter is a research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University, a senior teaching associate at the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography, also at Oxford, and an external collaborator at the LEAP project at the Oxford Martin School.  He has published widely on climate change in the media in several countries.  His current research interests include media portrayals of extreme weather events, animal agriculture and climate change, climate scepticism, and more widely on the challenges of climate journalism and the emergence of climate niche sites.

Prof Linda Steg

University of Groningen

Linda Steg is professor of environmental psychology at the University of Groningen. She studies factors influencing sustainable behaviour, the effects and acceptability of strategies aimed at promoting sustainable behaviour, and public perceptions of technology and system changes. She is member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and lead author of the IPCC special report on 1.5°C and AR6.  She participates in various interdisciplinary and international research programmes, and collaborates with practitioners working in industry, governments and NGOs.

Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh

University of Bath

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh is an environmental psychologist, specialising in perceptions and behaviour in relation to climate change, energy and transport, based in the Department of Psychology, University of Bath. She is Director of the ESRC-funded UK Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST). She regularly advises governmental and other organisations on low-carbon behaviour change and climate change communication, and is Lead Author for IPCC’s Working Group II Sixth Assessment Report. Her research projects have included studies of energy efficiency behaviours, waste reduction and carrier bag reuse, perceptions of smart technologies and electric vehicles, low-carbon lifestyles, and responses to climate change. 


Hoda Baraka

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist for Climate Visuals Countdown

Hoda Baraka is a communications specialist, strategist, organisational consultant, coach, writer and photographer. She specializes in crafting holistic, creative communications strategies, which are culturally and linguistically conscientious, and centered on empowering marginalized voices. She also specializes in developing long-term strategies centered on equity and justice, building empowered teams, and providing leadership coaching.

Amber Bennett

Research Associate

Amber has honed her communications skills over 15 years working with government, non-profits and business. She loves complex projects and brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work. Based in Alberta, Canada, Amber is a research enthusiast and works with a number of clients to build integrated environmental education and communications programming related to climate change and watersheds. She speaks regularly on emotionally intelligent approaches to engagement and is a mother to two young and very busy boys. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communications.

Elise de Laigue

Graphic Designer

Elise has been Climate Outreach’s designer since 2015. As a full-time freelancer, she collaborates with nonprofits, event organisers and small businesses to create clean, eye-catching and memorable designs that allow their content to shine. She is a native speaker of English & French, and studied Design (Canada), Communications & Marketing (France & US) and Event Management (UK). She lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys working with clients worldwide. Find out more about Explore Communications.

Patrick di Nola

Climate Visuals Associate

Patrick has had a working relationship with Climate Outreach since September 2018, and recently in 2020 has become an Associate of the Climate Visuals programme, helping to conceive, manage and deliver projects with partners around climate change photography.

With an international background and four languages, paired with 15 years at Getty Images and a subsidiary agency, Patrick has been working to deliver the work of award-winning photographers from around the world to clients in the US, Europe and Asia spanning media, NGOs, brands, and creative agencies. In recent years his focus has been delivering content-focused partnerships between the private sector and non-profits. He works independently, with a key focus on Climate Outreach, alongside other projects relating to climate change, the environment, and visual communication.

He is passionate about photography and documentary film alike, and is a firm believer that collaboration between organizations with goals in common, unique audiences of their own, and complementary areas of expertise can help achieve real impact and change. Patrick has a degree in Digital & Photographic Imaging, and is based in London. He loves travel, cooking, comedy and podcasts.

Niall Loughlin

Research Associate

Niall joined Climate Outreach for an academic placement as part of his PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath. His doctoral research on communicating climate change impacts and adaptation in the UK has a key focus on public perceptions around flooding. During his placement, Niall led on the analysis and writing for the Climate Communication in Practice report and co-facilitated training workshops with the Women’s Institute, before leading on new survey research for the Climate Visuals project. Niall continues to collaborate as an Associate and will be incorporating his placement activities into his PhD thesis. He is passionate about creative engagement, placing as a finalist in the ESRC ‘Better Lives’ Writing Competition and Connect4Climate’s international video-pitch competition. Alongside his research at Bath, Niall holds an arts scholarship and has taught seminars on the Psychology of Music. In his spare time, Niall can be found cycling, collaborating on audio-visual projects, contributing to sustainability initiatives and tinkering with musical instruments.

Lydia Messling

Research Associate

Lydia distinctly remembers the frustration she felt as a 12 year old in trying to explain to her mum what the greenhouse effect was. With plans to become a volcanologist, Lydia trained as environmental scientist before switching disciplines as she became increasingly interested in climate communication and community engagement, and training scientists in their public engagement. As an associate, Lydia is experienced in designing and facilitating both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, creating training workshops, and developing community conversations and narratives. 

She holds a PhD in Politics and was a Leverhulme Climate Justice Scholar at the University of Reading. Her thesis is titled “How can climate scientists engage in policy advocacy and preserve their scientific credibility and independence?”  She also has an MRes in Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading, and a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia. Lydia is currently a communications consultant at Acclimatise. In her spare time, she enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments (drums are next on her list), road cycling, and creating artwork.