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Workshops & training

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Do you need help talking about climate and nature? Do you want to better connect with your audience on climate?

We can give your organisation confidence in telling the climate story.

We can provide support with conversations around corporate sustainability and climate issues.

For sector-specific support, click on the button that's relevant to where you work.

Whether your staff cycle to work, you’ve a new sustainable offer, or you’ve set a science-based target, your business is one of thousands helping to tackle the climate crisis across the UK.

Sharing your commitments drives positive customer sentiment, differentiates you in your market and encourages buy-in from staff and stakeholders. It shows you mean business. But where to start?

With 20 years’ experience providing climate communications insight to organisations of all kinds, Climate Outreach can help.

Find out how our business support will help you make the most of your existing commitments.

We also offer bespoke training and partnership opportunities for organisations:

Climate Ambassadors. Our flagship programme for the academic community.

Advocacy support. Talk to us about how you can achieve your advocacy aims. Read our guide on communicating fairness in UK climate policy.

Our training and consultancy clients

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