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Britain Talks Climate is an evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change. It offers a shared, strategic understanding of the British public, and – against a backdrop of growing concern about polarisation – identifies effective ways to engage across the whole of society.

The segmentation research underpinning Britain Talks Climate reveals a public that is fractured but not deeply polarised, with climate change emerging as an issue that has the potential to unite us. But building narratives that resonate with a diverse range of values and everyday concerns is critical for the long-term goal of deepening public engagement – and keeping it there.

    • Britons know that climate change is real and that humans are causing it
    • Climate change is consistently seen as a concern for ‘everybody’
    • Certain values and ideas have almost universal resonance across Britain
    • All segments acknowledge some (unintended) positive aspects of the Covid-19 lockdown
    • No-one wants to go back to ‘normal’ after the worst of the pandemic is over

The research included a survey of over 10,000 British adults, as well as 12 focus groups and 35 in-depth interviews.

The summary explains the motivations behind Britain Talks Climate and previews some of the themes to look out for as you move through the rest of the toolkit.

Summary & launch webinar recording


Seven segments - the big picture


A crisis of trust, alongside differences in beliefs about race, gender and wealth, reflects and shapes our worldview, directing and justifying our attitudes and behaviours towards climate change. This section examines where the segments stand together and where they stand further apart, particularly in light of Covid-19.


The seven segments in depth


Putting it into practice


Britain Talks Climate is designed to equip campaigners and communicators with the insights they need to shape the national debate in a way that draws on shared values and avoids division. This section provides practical advice on identifying and reaching different audiences.

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Britain Talks Climate has received extensive media coverage, including The Telegraph, the New York Times, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme (starts at 1:51:26), Times Radio (starts at 1:06:47), BusinessGreen, The Guardian, Euronews, The Express and again in The Telegraph.


Full report





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