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Leane de Laigue speaking at Oxford University

We want everyone to be involved in shaping a more sustainable, fairer world. This is our vision.

We want to ensure people trust, support and have a say in the changes we must make to tackle climate change. This is our mission.

“Climate Outreach’s vision and approach bring about change that most people would have considered impossible.”

Alex Wilson – Grants, Research and Policy Manager, Samworth Foundation

Visual storytelling

Our work with The Guardian newspaper has changed the way millions of people see climate change.

Climate Visuals' research has provoked a conversation that has reached far beyond the editorial considerations of our organisation."

Fiona Shields – Head of Photography, The Guardian

We have helped to shape The Guardian’s editorial guidelines for climate photojournalism, and helped the organisation better understand reader engagement and impact.

Climate Visuals

Getting everyone talking climate

Our research on messaging resulted in The Climate Coalition’s long-standing national awareness campaign, Show the Love. The campaign has reached millions of people around the UK since it began in 2015.

"Climate Outreach’s insights were some of the clearest and most instructive I’ve ever commissioned."

Beth Tegg – The Climate Coalition

Speaking directly to communities

Our Climate Ambassadors programme has facilitated organisations like the Women’s Institute (WI) to better campaign for the environment, and helped them organise their communities to adapt to increased risks of flooding, heatwaves and drought.

Climate Outreach's thorough guidance has given the WI’s climate ambassadors a solid understanding of climate change and the confidence to talk about it with others."

Emma Holland-Lindsay – Head of Public Affairs, National Federation of Women’s Institutes

Making climate science easy to understand

We’ve worked with the IPCC on a number of public engagement projects, including a Communications Handbook for IPCC authors, a curated gallery of climate images for communicating the Special Report on 1.5C and a collection of public engagement case studies from IPCC WGI (Working Group I) authors around the world.

I wish I could have received such guidance when I was first involved as an IPCC author."

Dr Valérie Masson Delmotte – Co-chair IPCC Working Group I

Women and children walking through flood waters that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Bringing clarity to the climate migration conversation

Our work has helped shift opinion on climate-linked migration – a complex, emotive and often polarising issue.

Climate Outreach’s workshops, direct input and online resources have been formative in shaping our positions and work on climate migration, and in particular the perception of climate migrants and their representation in the media."

Rachel Kennerley – International climate campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Among many firsts, we delivered the world’s first online course on climate-linked migration — attracting over 1000 participants from 40 countries. We also run the Climate and Migration Coalition, which aims to ensure a people-centred policy response at national and international levels.

Climate and migration

Generating support from fossil fuel-dependent communities for a just transition

Our work in Canada has helped communities facing the impact of the fossil fuel transition to face the future together.

"People really want to make a difference. They want to participate in these sorts of talks and they want to see the province move ahead. That was a neat thing to see, that people actually care."

Ian Wilson – oil sands worker from Alberta, Canada

We have brought together oil sands workers, indigenous peoples, environmentalists, rural Albertans, business leaders, youth and people of faith in meaningful conversation based on shared values.

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