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Climate Visuals

In the Fulani village of Hore Mondji, located in southern Mauritania on the banks of the Senegal River, a women's cooperative uses solar energy to operate the borehole that supplies water to the market garden.

Climate Visuals is the world’s only evidence-based initiative focused on climate change photography.

“The research that Climate Visuals has undertaken really helped to inform us on reader engagement and impact and has provoked a conversation on the topic that has reached far beyond the editorial considerations of our organisation.”

Fiona Shields, Head of Photography, The Guardian
Fishermen in Bangladesh pray for a benevolent sea before going fishing, after one of the strongest cyclones to hit the country killed thousands of fishermen at sea.

What we offer

The Climate Visuals library is a unique resource trusted by over 10,000 registered users globally. Since launching in 2015, Climate Visuals has had a significant impact in analysing and developing the visual language of climate change and supporting organisations to tell compelling climate stories through photography.

Bespoke photography commissioning

‣ Extensive experience in commissioning international photography
‣ Detailed photographic briefs based on our evidence
‣ A focus on ethical photographic practice

Learn about Visualising Air Pollution
Technician, Harry Mhlanga, checks and cleans the inlets of the ambient air quality monitoring station in Johannesburg South Africa.

Picture research and content curation

‣ curate existing, exemplary climate change photography catering to your needs
‣ apply our evidence base and guidelines to images from wide ranging editorial, commercial, NGO and open-licence sources
‣ deliver these to you licensed and ready to use in your required contexts

Creative Commons images for Wikipedia and beyond
Rachel cycles her children to school on a cargo bike, through busy traffic, in Didsbury, Manchester, UK. 2nd February 2024.

Photography consultancy and training

‣ work with you to apply our extensive evidence base, guidance and photography industry expertise to your work
‣ develop your use of photography in telling compelling stories about climate change
‣ foster deeper engagement with audiences through images that go beyond simple illustration

Organisations we’ve provided visual services to include:

  • Tearfund logo

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