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The Climate Outreach team

We are the first British charity to focus exclusively on public engagement with climate change.

Every year Climate Outreach helps hundreds of organisations think about how they can tell a different climate story. We do this through research and advice, workshops and training, and Climate Visuals.

Find out more about what we do or read our three-year strategy.

Climate Outreach Co-founders; Richard Sexton and George Marshall
Photo credit: Climate Outreach

Our story

It all started with a question over 15 years ago: how can we effectively engage people with climate change? Decades of scientific consensus, international summits and traditional environmental campaigns weren’t mobilising society to take action. So in 2004, George Marshall and Richard Sexton co-founded the Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) to educate and inform people about climate change.

In the 20 years since, things have changed significantly. There is now a large body of social science research, including our own, that reveals how to communicate effectively about climate change. We make sure that this valuable research doesn’t just stay in reports that few people read, by guiding practitioners on how to apply these evidence-based insights to their work.

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