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A Climate Outreach retreat with funders and other stakeholders
Photo credit: Climate Outreach

Our funders play a vital role in enabling us to build a social mandate for climate action and we are very grateful for their support.

We welcome support from new funders to help us continue to place people at the heart of tackling climate change.

Find out more about our team, our impact, and how to support us.

Have a look at our strategy and our 2022/23 Annual review and financial statement.

Thank you to our funders

  • Climateworks Foundation
  • CECG

2022/23 finances - how we are funded and how we spend the money

In the year ending 31 March 2023, our income increased by 45% over the previous financial year thanks to our dedicated team.

Climate Outreach works with all organisations to ensure people trust, support and have a say in the changes we must make to tackle climate change. We are a non-partisan, independent non-profit organisation. We accept funding from a wide range of organisations, except those that seek to undermine climate action, or wish to influence the outcome of our work. Ensuring everyone is involved in shaping a more sustainable, fairer world requires working with a broad spectrum of organisations, including groups and individuals that haven’t traditionally seen climate change as a priority.

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