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Climate Engagement Lab

The Climate Engagement Lab helps UK advocates broaden their engagement across the public, in particular people who are not widely reached by existing campaigns. It helps UK civil society to connect people meaningfully with climate change and feel they are making a difference.

The Lab publishes guides and reports enabling climate advocates to apply social science evidence to live campaigning issues. It also works hands-on with game changing campaigns and movements that are attempting to inspire new audiences, together crafting engagement plans that work. It brings campaigners and advocacy experts together behind the scenes to join the dots on public engagement, and how to strategically reach new people in new and exciting ways. This slidedeck provides an overview of the Climate Engagement Lab. Have a look at case studies from past partnerships. If you're interested in receiving updates from the Lab, complete our expression of interest form

Reports & guides

Reports & guides

‘Fairness’ in UK climate advocacy: a user’s guide

Reports & guides

Engaging different audiences around COP26: a guide for UK-based climate advocates


Videos & podcasts

Climate Visuals

Based on international social research, Climate Visuals provides seven principles for a more diverse, relatable and compelling visual language for climate change.


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