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Public engagement training for climate experts

Participants taking part in exercises as part of Climate Outreach’s Climate Ambassador programme.
Photo credit: Ross Fairgrieve

Our public engagement workshop for climate change researchers aims to empower and equip climate experts to speak confidently about climate change outside of academia. It offers participants the opportunity to practice their new skills and to start planning their next outreach activity.

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This training workshop is aimed specifically at climate researchers who wish to influence diverse audiences into taking action on climate change.

With recommendations for how to engage with journalists, policymakers and local communities, Climate Outreach offers a practical and evidence-based public engagement workshop designed to overcome barriers to impactful climate communication.

The workshop presents climate experts with a balance of social science theory and real-world context, providing a complete toolkit to be a confident and effective communicator.

Trained communicators will come away with fresh ideas for engaging public audiences on their science alongside a checklist for preparing a public-facing activity.

Content and structure

The training is delivered in an open format for researchers to discuss their own barriers to public engagement and how to overcome them.

The workshop is broken down into a set of core evidence-based principles for effective engagement with climate change. Each principle includes a short discussion and activity to help researchers prepare for putting their new skills into action.

Topics include:

  • Talking about the real world: language and relatable concepts
  • Connecting with your audience: values and framing
  • Telling a human story: techniques for effective storytelling
  • Communicating uncertainty: leading with what you know
  • Being a confident communicator: opportunities and perceived barriers
  • The power of social norms: understanding public opinion and polling
  • The role of experts in society: a practical guide to navigating advocacy

What trained climate experts do next

Training will help you become a confident and effective communicator, with fresh ideas for engaging public audiences as well as preparing for public-facing activities.

Previously trained climate experts have gone on to do a variety of things:

Chloe Brimicombe, Climate Scientist and Heatwave Researcher, was interviewed by BBC, Sky news and France24 during the European heatwave in 2022.

Ella Grantham, Global Environmental Challenges Student at University of Bristol, is interviewing climate researchers for the Cabot Communicators podcast.

Lauren Burton, PhD researcher, launched a climate communications project called #AskAClimateResearcher. Members of the public asked questions, which were then answered by climate experts at the Priestley International Centre for Climate.

Jessica Underwood, PhD Student in Soil Science at University of Reading, spoke at the Reading Climate Festival.

After the training, participants are invited to join an informal network of trained climate experts to help them stay connected and supported on their public engagement journey.

I think the workshop was great fun. I liked how interactive it was and how it also forced us (in a good way!) to realistically plan our outreach activity. I also liked how the workshop made me think about why the audience would be interested in what I have to say, rather than focusing on me and the points I wanted to make!

Lily Greig, Polar Oceanography PhD Candidate, University of Reading


Duration: The workshop is a full day (typically 10:00-16:00) and the timings allow for plenty of discussion time, such that the workshop can take a direction that best suits participants’ experiences and concerns.

Location: In-person or online.

Group size: This training workshop is designed for a group of 12 – 16 participants, arranged by the host institution.

Cost: please fill in the expression of interest form below, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

If you are an individual interested in participating in this workshop, please complete the expression of interest form and we will let you know if there is a workshop running near you.

How to book

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Previous training clients include:

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