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Update: Alberta Narratives Project to be published in September 2018.

Following the success of the pilot project in India, we are currently working on the Alberta Narratives Project (Canada), working with a diversity of communities - cattle ranchers, oil and gas workers, Indigenous peoples, activists, politicians and hockey moms - to help develop narratives of climate change that reflect the values and identities of Albertans, and to find ways of talking about their future that build bridges to better conversations.


Global Narratives is a pioneering initiative to test and develop climate change messaging and narratives. It pilots a new model of cooperative design that invests in the skills and capacity of national level organisations and makes high quality research affordable.

The Global Narratives approach is based on Climate Outreach’s Narrative Workshop methodology (published in peer-reviewed journal) which focuses on asking searching questions about people’s values, identity and hopes for the future.

The pilot project in India was launched jointly by Climate Outreach and Climate Action Network International (CAN-I). This is the first qualitative research in India that tests and compares specific language around climate change and renewable energy. India was chosen to be the pilot country for the Global Narratives project due to its critical importance in relation to climate change and its strong civil society sector. Our report, in collaboration with Climate Action Network South Asia, presents a set of recommendations, an example of a successful narrative and a full analysis of our Narrative Workshops in India.

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Media coverage on the India pilot project includes:

Indians want Jugaad not climate justice, study shows (Climate Home)  

Talking climate change in India (The third pole) 

Next steps for the Global Narratives project

The Indian pilot provides a proof of concept: that national level organisations can conduct qualitative research using a rigorous methodology to a high standard with limited resources and relatively quickly.

We intend to replicate the Global Narratives method and further develop this approach in other countries. Ultimately, our ambition is that all people, in every country, are able to relate to climate change through language that speaks to their distinct concerns, values, and cultural identity such that they can understand the issues and feel motivated to take action. This project is the first step towards that wider ambition.

We are currently working on the Alberta Narratives project and will be publishing the report of our findings and recommendations in September 2018.


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