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Reports & guides | 16 February 2016

Faith and climate change: talking with people of 5 major faiths


Faith shapes the values and behaviour of billions of people. In 2015 there was a surge in action on climate change from faith groups – and with more than 8 in 10 people worldwide identifying with a faith, we need to keep that momentum going. For climate communicators both within and outside faith communities, there is a need to better understand the language that works when trying to lift up the desire for action from the world’s people of faith.

Our new guide, produced in partnership with international interfaith group GreenFaith, is based on pioneering international social research. This practical guide not only presents language that works with each of the world’s 5 main faith groups (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism) but also language that works across faiths – and language that doesn’t work.

5 narratives that work across faiths:

  • Earth care – a precious gift

  • Climate change is a moral challenge

  • Climate change is disrupting the natural balance

  • We live our faith through our actions

  • I take a personal pledge

Watch our webinar in which we share and discuss the key findings from this guide.

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