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Reports & guides | 8 September 2021

Engaging different audiences around COP26: a guide for UK-based climate advocates

This summary guide is the second in a series of guides produced as part of our Climate Engagement Lab, which is designed to support UK campaigners. This guide explores how to communicate about COP26 in ways that resonates across a broad base of society. It accompanies the report Britain Talks COP26 (see below).

Public awareness of the United Nations climate change conference (COP26) due to take place in Glasgow is important for two reasons: as a means of motivating politicians to make ambitious decisions, and as an opportunity to engage more people with the global effort to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.


This work applies Britain Talks Climate – grounded in More in Common’s Core Beliefs segmentation model – to understand how to better engage the public with COP26.

We focus in this guide on two segments, Civic Pragmatists and Loyal Nationals, which we believe are crucial to achieving a broad-reaching COP26 narrative. Understanding how they view the COP26 process makes it possible to create unifying narratives that work across all segments.

In our accompanying webinar below, we share and discuss with participants key insights and recommendations from this work.

Reports & guides

Reports & guides

Britain Talks COP26: New insights on what the UK public want from the UN climate summit

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