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Reports & guides | 8 September 2021

Britain Talks COP26: New insights on what the UK public want from the UN climate summit

Hosting COP26 in the UK is a key opportunity to unite British opinion around the need for climate action. This can be challenging – especially in the context of a complex conference and Covid-19 – so we’ve been working to support climate communicators and campaigners in engaging people around COP26 in ways that resonate across a broad base of society.

Our new report, Britain Talks COP26, provides eight key insights and recommendations for doing just that. It is accompanied by a summary briefing (see below) written for participants in our Climate Engagement Lab. Watch the webinar recording below in which we discussed and shared evidence-based practical insights from this work.

This work applies Britain Talks Climate – based on More in Common’s Core Beliefs segmentation model – to understand how to better engage the public with COP26.

We focus in this report on two segments, Civic Pragmatists and Loyal Nationals, which we believe are crucial to achieving a broad-reaching COP26 narrative. Understanding how they view the COP26 process makes it possible to create unifying narratives that work across all segments.

Britain Talks Climate is a collaboration between Climate Outreach, More in Common, the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and YouGov.


This table (page 39 of the report above) shows the top five trusted messengers for each British segment, alongside the average trust in each messenger (1 = do not trust at all, to 5 = trust completely).

Trusted messengers Britain Talks COP26

Reports & guides

Reports & guides

Engaging different audiences around COP26: a guide for UK-based climate advocates

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