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Reports & guides | 8 September 2021

Britain Talks COP26: New insights on what the UK public want from the UN climate summit

Hosting COP26 in the UK is a key opportunity to unite British opinion around the need for climate action. This can be challenging – especially in the context of a complex conference and Covid-19 – so we’ve been working to support climate communicators and campaigners in engaging people around COP26 in ways that resonate across a broad base of society.

Our new report, Britain Talks COP26, provides eight key insights and recommendations for doing just that. It is accompanied by a summary briefing (see below) written for participants in our Climate Engagement Lab. Watch the webinar recording below in which we discussed and shared evidence-based practical insights from this work.

This work applies Britain Talks Climate – based on More in Common’s Core Beliefs segmentation model – to understand how to better engage the public with COP26.

We focus in this report on two segments, Civic Pragmatists and Loyal Nationals, which we believe are crucial to achieving a broad-reaching COP26 narrative. Understanding how they view the COP26 process makes it possible to create unifying narratives that work across all segments.

Britain Talks Climate is a collaboration between Climate Outreach, More in Common, the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and YouGov.

Reports & guides

Reports & guides

Engaging different audiences around COP26: a guide for UK-based climate advocates

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