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Climate Engagement Lab case studies

The Climate Engagement Lab helps charity, community and campaigning organisations in the UK to inspire people to take meaningful climate action. As part of this, the Lab runs ‘innovation partnerships’, working hands-on with groups that want to break new ground in who they engage and how. Take a look below at case studies in which we share insights from past innovation partnerships.

How to start conversations about eating less meat - case study

We partnered with Hubbub and the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), to explore whether different narratives around food, delivered by trusted messengers in a Facebook group, could be more effective at inspiring Loyal Nationals to give vegetarian diets – or at least eating less meat and dairy – a try.

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Hope for the Future event, The Delgano Trust, Kensington
Photo credit: Hope for the Future

The limits of messaging? Loyal Nationals and political actions – case study

Climate Outreach partnered with Hope for the Future to find out if using different language in messaging can encourage more Loyal Nationals – one of the seven British segments – to attend in-person political events on climate change.

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Engaging football fans with climate change – case study

Climate Outreach partnered with Pledgeball, a campaigning group of football supporters, to find out how best to reach and inspire football fans to take climate action.

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Putting people into images of National Parks – case study

Climate Outreach and Climate Visuals, a project of Climate Outreach, partnered with the Campaign for National Parks to find out what happens when a whole organisation puts a new approach to visuals at the heart of its campaigning and communications.

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A child visits a sustainable melon garden greenhouse in Bogor, Indonesia.

How to engage parents in climate action - case study

Climate Outreach partnered with Mothers Rise Up and Parents for Future UK, to find out how best to craft communications to connect meaningfully with parents and mobilise them on climate change.

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Paramedics should be powerful climate messengers, instead they fret over plastic - case study

Climate Outreach partnered with UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and the College of Paramedics to find out how paramedics think about climate change, given they are on the front lines of dealing with some of the health impacts of climate change in the UK – such as air quality, extreme heat and flooding.

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