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How will climate change reshape migration? And what are governments planning to do about it? This online course, run by Alex Randall, our Climate and Migration Coalition manager, examines these questions in depth. Over the space of 10 months, this course examines the major issues around climate-linked migration and displacement.

This is a free course and you do not need any previous knowledge to participate. Missed a webinar? No worries - you can watch the recording online, at your own pace. Each session also comes with a collection of recommended reading and watching, so you can investigate the themes and ideas further if you wish.

Webinars 1 to 3 will focus on Getting Started, Webinars 4 to 6 will explore Politics, Webinars 7 and 8 will focus on Policy, and Webinars 9 and 10 will explore Complex Crises.

Past webinars - recordings

Webinar 1: Getting started: what does climate-linked migration look like? - 14 February 2019

We looked at three testimonies from Mexico, the Philippines and Pakistan. Each tells a different story, and each allows us to look at a different kind of human movement driven by climate change.

Webinar 2: The very big picture: a brief history of migration and climate change - 14 March 2019

This lecture provided grounding in both climate change and migration. We explored the history of climate change and engaged with some key episodes of human migration in history.

Webinar 3: What do we know? And what does the future hold? - 18 April 2019

This seminar explored what research evidence tells us about current migration linked to climate change, and how we can attempt predictions about the future.

Upcoming webinars

Politics 1: Neoliberliasm - 16 May 2019

Can we use the labour market to address climate-linked migration? Should we look into the insurance industry to protect people from climate displacement? This session looks at how neoliberal thinking emerged, and what its application to climate-linked migration might mean.

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More info on the other webinars will follow soon.


Photo credit: “Diving Near Slums of Cebu City Philippines” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Adam Cohn

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