Help us build bridges instead of walls – and fight climate change together

Climate change is a complex issue. But one key part of the puzzle is public engagement: to change everything, we need everyone.

And to get everyone on board, we need to communicate climate change in lots of different ways - not just the ways that work for environmentalists.

This is precisely our area of expertise, and what we have been doing for almost 15 years: finding ways to talk about climate change that resonate with new audiences and spur them to action. All our work is evidence-based and translated into practical guides which are publicly available on our website.

Donations, and in particular regular gifts, are very important to our work: it helps to know we have a steady stream of donations we can rely on, so we can plan ahead more effectively.

Thank you for your support!

Fundraising Promise

We strive to make sure every donation has the greatest impact in tackling climate change. We especially welcome gifts that are made unconditionally because this allows us to direct gifts to the areas of greatest need.