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This summer we'll be shining a spotlight on each of the sections in our new Science Communication report - with a new section every week.

Scientists ground their work in the best possible evidence, and we believe the way that scientists and science communicators engage with the public should be based on the same approach.

In the latest of our Science Communication resources, we summarise and synthesise key trends, themes and findings in the field of environmental science communication.



Part 5 - Gaps and opportunities for environmental science communication research

What are the remaining challenges facing environmental science communicators and how can we overcome them using what we have learnt? This final instalment takes us from 'so far' to 'what next'.


Part 4 - Challenges 'beyond the lab': the current social, cultural and political context for science communication

Political polarisation, fake news, and the changing status of expertise in a 'post-truth' era: what does it mean to be a scientist 'beyond the lab'?


Part 3 - Progress in the Field: a synthesis of key trends in environmental science communication research

A summary and analysis of three key research themes: values, frames and narratives; uncertainty and consensus; trust and expertise.


Part 2 - Who Communicates Environmental Science?

Mapping the global communications landscape - from organisations and forums to campaigners and lobbyists.

Part 1 - Science Communication: from information to communication 

What is science communication? What are the different approaches to science communication?

Communicating Environmental Sustainability Science 5 sections

If you'd rather skip to the full report, it's available here. 


Photo credit: Kathryn Hansen


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