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The relative invisibility of drought in the UK, in a decade that has so far been defined by flooding, is striking. Droughts and floods may feel like polar opposites but they are just two points on a watery continuum. And with climate change, we can - and will - face both at the same time.

On this 40th anniversary of the notorious 1976 UK drought, and in a year when the Middle East experienced its worst drought in 900 years, this new paper highlights 10 principles for communicating drought risks in a changing climate. We developed these principles within the context of DRY (Drought Risk and You), a research project that is exploring how combining science and storytelling approaches can create new decision-making tools for dealing with drought risks. If you have any memories of the summer of ‘76 drought, please send them to our colleagues at DRY(a)uwe.ac.uk

For more information on drought, have a look at our earlier blogpost on the DRY project as well as two drought-related articles in our research database: here and here.

Picture credits: IRRI Photos

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