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Reports & guides | 3 October 2023

Supporting public engagement on climate change – a guide for grant-makers

Grant-makers play a vital role in accelerating action on climate change. One of the key ways that philanthropists can leverage their resources to maximise impact is through supporting work focused on engaging the public on climate change. By supporting carefully considered interventions designed to drive major shifts in public sentiment, grant-makers can harness the force of public opinion and action to create powerful demands for change.

This report commissioned by the Climateworks Foundation includes:

  • insights into public engagement on climate change, including strategic considerations, existing public attitudes to climate change, and effective engagement methods
  • case studies of initiatives set in different national contexts – Ghana, Scotland, Australia and Costa Rica:

  • recommendations to funders and grant-makers on how they can support programmes that meaningfully engage people, which includes supporting:

If you’re a funder and would be interested in knowing more about this research and the recommendations from the report, do get in touch.

We have pulled out some key considerations and recommendations in a summary version of this report.

Reports & guides

Reports & guides

Supporting public engagement on climate change – a guide for grant-makers | Summary

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