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Reports & guides | 19 July 2013

Promoting sustainable behaviour

Promoting sustainable behaviour is a critical part of society’s response to climate change. This short, practical book provides guidance to building a sustainable behaviour campaign that works.

There are more and less effective ways for businesses, NGOs and governments to encourage people to act in a more sustainable way, and some common pitfalls to avoid. By summarising ‘what really works’ and pulling out the most important take-home messages from the evidence base, this book contains all the tools you need to maximise the success of your sustainable behaviour initiative — in households, when commuting, in the workplace and beyond.

Tom Crompton, Change Strategist, WWF: “Many environmental communicators still labour under the misunderstanding that ethical behaviours can be isolated and sold in the same way as iPhones or deodorant. With characteristic clarity and authority, Adam Corner shows us why this cannot be the case – and highlights what we should be doing instead.”

By looking beyond individual behaviours to people’s sense of identity and values; by incorporating social signals that provide such important cues for our everyday behaviour; by pointing out strategies that attract (and keep) people’s interest; and by understanding how to break bad habits and create good ones, this guide offers the best chance of creating a lasting change in behaviour.

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