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Reports & guides | 12 July 2023

Engaging residents of the North West of England on the net zero energy transition

How can we better engage residents of the North West of England with the net zero energy transition? This was the question posed to us by Mayors Andy Burnham (Greater Manchester) and Steve Rotheram (Liverpool City Region). As part of the Green Energy Task Force, which the mayors set up last year, Climate Outreach has produced evidence-based recommendations on how to engage residents so that the transition is not done to them but with them.

Public engagement is particularly important for places like the North West, with a legacy of regional inequalities and lack of confidence in institutions, and at the same time lots of potential to be a green energy superpower. As our report highlights, involving local communities is the best way to mitigate fears and bring people into the transition story and process. Local leaders must also build narratives that resonate with a diverse range of values and everyday concerns.

The Green Energy Task Force is composed of The Green Britain Foundation, Climate Outreach and Co-operatives UK. Climate Outreach’s contribution is part of a larger report, which tells a clear story about the potential for and benefits of investing in the just, green, transition in the North West, with lessons that will likely be of interest to other parts of the UK.

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