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Reports & guides | 10 December 2018

Guide to communicating carbon pricing

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Putting a price on carbon is, as agreed by most, an important tool to address climate change. But as many examples around the world have recently highlighted, public engagement is critical to the success of climate policies.

If key stakeholders and voters do not understand or support the policy – however well designed – it will be vulnerable to attack, concessions to powerful interests or removal altogether. At the COP24 UN climate summit, we released a guide to communicating carbon pricing, which provides policymakers and their communications colleagues with recommendations for designing and implementing effective carbon pricing communication strategies.

Drawing on case studies, research and best practice, the guide is accompanied by the two briefing notes below – one for governments and one for business. These resources were commissioned by The Partnership for Market Readiness and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (groups administered by the World Bank), and written in collaboration with Climate Focus. We also worked with Climate Focus to provide input and strategic advice for a self-paced e-course on communicating carbon pricing.


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