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Reports & guides | 8 November 2023

The global stocktake and public engagement

What exactly is the global stocktake (GST), why is it going to be a key focus of the upcoming COP28 climate conference and critically – how can we ensure public engagement is integrated into every stage of the GST process to help ensure ambitious climate action?

The GST is a UNFCCC mechanism that enables countries to see where they’re making progress on climate change, where they’re not, and how that gap can be filled. The inaugural GST started in 2021 and will conclude at COP28. It’s seen as a key course-correcting and ambition-raising tool. 

But to be effective as a mechanism, people need to be at the heart of the GST process – and unfortunately that is currently far from the case. 

Our new report calls for urgently integrating a robust public engagement framework into the GST process at every stage, rooted in values, inclusion, transparency and empowerment. The report highlights what effective public engagement looks like, and provides five recommendations for countries and governments. 

Many thanks to the IKEA Foundation for supporting this work as part of our Climate Engagement Initiative.

In the 3 min video below, report author Dr Gurpreet Kaur and project manager Fahmida Miah talk through what the GST is, how it relates to public engagement, and key takeaways from the report.

Report author Dr Gurpreet Kaur distills her thoughts and key takeaways in a blog article highlighting that the success of the global stocktake depends on putting people at the heart of the process.

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