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Reports & guides | 25 October 2023

Care-full climate communication

This report provides guidance to communicating about care-centred, low-carbon societies, whilst delving into the relationship between care and climate crises, emphasising the need to dismantle oppressive systems and integrate care into various facets of society.

Caring for children, the elderly, the disabled and the environment is fundamental – and yet it is systemically undervalued and deprioritised. This report examines the various intersections of caring societies and climate solutions, highlighting the importance of equitable low-carbon lifestyles, and explores communications strategies to address the root causes of care and climate crises.

The guide explores four examples of framing care and climate change:

  • care for nature
  • care for humans
  • climate justice
  • world in crisis / care will improve economy and society

It also goes beyond communications, highlighting risks and opportunities that will impact success of working together towards caring societies:

  • reflecting on our colonial past and present
  • balancing urgency and care
  • practising solidarity

Throughout the guide, the authors remind us to be mindful that care-work is not oversimplified and romanticised, falling into gender stereotypes and framings that gloss over wider systemic oppression and power relations.

This guide led by Climate Outreach was produced as part of ‘Caring Societies’, a project carried out by Hot or Cool Institute in partnership with SERI, Climate Outreach and Global Action Plan UK. Check out the accompanying report led by Hot or Cool, ‘Economies that Dare to Care’.

This work is possible thanks to the generous support from Partners for a New Economy and the ClimateWorks Foundation, with operational support from the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

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