Forthcoming events

From the UN climate summit, we will be releasing our new Guide on Communicating Carbon Pricing.

Drawing on case studies, research, and best practices, this resource provides policymakers and their communications teams with guidance on how to design and implement effective carbon pricing communications strategies.

Lead authors George Marshall and Darragh Conway will share key insights from this guide commissioned by the Partnership for Market Readiness and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.


The UN climate negotiations have been a key forum for addressing climate-linked displacement. What will be achieved at this year’s talks? And what progress has been made since the historic 2015 agreement in Paris?

Join our Climate and Migration manager Alex Randall to explore these questions, and how these UN climate talks fit in with other international migration-related processes.

Following the launch on 8th December at the UN climate summit of our Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing, we'll be holding a webinar on 29th January.

This will be a good opportunity to hear key insights from the guide - and for those who have had a chance to look through it, to share comments, questions and feedback with the authors.