Forthcoming events

If you are a member of a faith group and would like to learn how better to get people on board with climate action, or would like to reach out to faith groups for support for your own action, join us for this Masterclass which will take place in Oxford at the end of April.

Registration will open soon - in the meantime, please register your interest here and we'll make sure to send you an email as soon as bookings open.

If you'd like to learn more about work we have done on how to communicate across the world's 5 major faiths, have a look at our Faith and Climate Change guide.

This 3 week course offered by Schumacher College is designed for socially engaged writers, artists and campaigners wishing to better understand and explore the science of more effective communication about environmental issues. There will be 10 presenters including George Marshall who will present on 27 March.

In a 30 minute plenary session, George Marshall will outline key recommendations for how museums can reach new audiences and overcome polarisation through narratives of shared values.

This will build on a guide - produced in partnership with a diverse group of UK heritage practioners - on how museums can better engage the general public with climate change.

This masterclass delivered by Dr Adam Corner is designed for communications professionals, journalists and photographers wanting to tell new visual stories about climate change, as well as researchers who focus on public engagement with climate change.
Watch this 4 minute video to hear from participants who attended our recent Climate Visuals Masterclass in London.

We are currently accepting applications for a retreat for people aged 18 - 29 who are interested in learning more about how to communicate about climate change in a creative, stimulating, and exciting manner.

Travel costs and accommodation will be covered. This is part of the CliMates project and our Senior Researcher Dr Chris Shaw will deliver a workshop on the role of values in climate communication, inviting participants to reflect on their own experiences.