Forthcoming events

This is the third of a series of 10 webinars exploring how climate change will reshape migration.

This session delves into the research methods we have for examining climate-linked migration. We’ll then explore what this evidence tells us about current migration linked to climate change, and finally how we can attempt predictions about the future.

This talk is part of the Training Better Leaders course organised by the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. The programme supports the participants in improving their sustainability literacy and skills, equipping them with the tools they need going forward into global leadership roles.

Our Head of CommunicationS Leane de Laigue will lead this session, which is only open to successful applicants of the course.

Join two passionate climate communicators, our co-founder George Marshall and journalist and author George Monbiot, to discuss how to start conversations around climate change to break the silence on environmental collapse.

This event is for everyone who is interested in climate change communication and wants to learn more about how to engage others in the topic.

This congress explores the questions of how climate change communication can push forward societal change, how future scenarios and visions can be used, and how climate comunication can be analysed.

Alongside a number of other well-known speakers, George Marshall will give a keynote speech on key elements of effective climate change communication.

The website is in German only but keep an eye on our website & social media for more information in English.