Forthcoming events

We’ve examined some of the key political ideas behind addressing climate-linked migration, but how are these translating into actual policy and action? This session looks at some of the key policy issues in climate-linked migration. We’ll focus on the legal status of people who move due to climate change and policy questions around planning and preparedness for climate-linked displacement.

This conference will include a series of targeted briefing documents (one from each of the 11 sessions over 3 days). These documents will summarise the issues addressed in the session and the key outcomes of the discussion in terms of future research gaps and policy recommendations.


This congress explores the questions of how climate change communication can push forward societal change, how future scenarios and visions can be used, and how climate comunication can be analysed.

Alongside a number of other well-known speakers, George Marshall will give a keynote speech on key elements of effective climate change communication.

The website is in German only but keep an eye on our website & social media for more information in English.