Forthcoming events

The Centre for Sustainable Energy's 40th anniversary conference seeks to propagate optimism and inspire action to accelerate change towards a sustainable energy future. It brings together key players and practitioners from across the local and national sustainable energy landscape.

In a session titled "Empowering everyone to take action and support sustainable energy" our Research Director Adam Corner will be speaking about how best to frame climate change, and the challenges of communicating around taking action as individuals given the scale of change required.


Throughout 2019, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) will
focus the world’s attention on the fundamental importance
of securing rights to change the course of the current
environmental crisis.

Deconstruct case studies on tenure, change the narrative on Indigenous peoples and join in creating a global standard that recognizes the men and women of Indigenous and local communities as bearers of rights and solutions to our common challenges.


Plenary sessions to be held in the Holywell Music Room. Parallel sessions to be held in Holywell Music Room and Oxford Martin School Lecture Theatre. Each session will be split into two parts: the first part will include 4 or 5 short talks to provide a launch point for the second part – a moderated discussion between the participants, aiming for a balance between researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

The outputs of the conference will include a series of targeted briefing documents (one from each session). These documents will summarise the issue being addressed in the session and the key outcomes of the discussion in terms of future research gaps and policy recommendations.

This congress explores the questions of how climate change communication can push forward societal change, how future scenarios and visions can be used, and how climate comunication can be analysed.

Alongside a number of other well-known speakers, George Marshall will give a keynote speech on key elements of effective climate change communication.

The website is in German only but keep an eye on our website & social media for more information in English.