Transforming the way we communicate about climate change

Why we exist

Climate change is one of the key challenges of our time and threatens everything people care about. Solutions exist, but they will only be successfully implemented if they are supported and championed by the general public.

There is an increasing recognition that the social commitment required to tackle climate change happens through effective communication, not just facts. However, most climate change communication is not only ineffective but counterproductive.


Who we are

We are one of Europe’s leading climate change communication organisations. Our team of social scientists and climate communication specialists has over 12 years of experience helping organisations widen engagement with climate change.

We are based in the UK but work across Europe and beyond. We know that people’s values and beliefs are as important in shaping their perceptions of climate change as the scientific evidence. We argue that effective climate narratives must be constructed from the core components of people’s values and identity.

What we do

We help our partners communicate about climate change in ways that resonate with the values of their audiences - and create the types of climate conversations that lead to action. Our particular focus is on working with new audiences beyond ‘environmentalists’, including the centre-right, faith groups, youth organisations and people who have experienced extreme weather events or have had to migrate.

We bridge the gap between research and practice: we conduct and synthesise academic research on the most central questions about climate change communication and translate that into practical resources and consultancy services for policymakers, campaigners, businesses, community organisations and many others.


Who we work with

Our work with international bodies has included advising the UNFCCC and IPCC. We’ve also worked with all levels of government, most recently advising the Scottish Government on how to hold country-wide public conversations on climate change. Our current academic partners include the Tyndall Centre, Cardiff University, University of Vienna and Oxford University.

Some of the many international non-profits we’ve advised include Climate Action Network, the Climate Coalition, WWF, Oxfam and the Global Call for Climate Action. We also work with faith organisations as well as businesses promoting positive climate solutions.

A quick overview of our work

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