Forthcoming events

In order to spark new climate conversations, we run and contribute to a wide range of public events.

Seminar: Climate Conversations – Edinburgh, 2 March 2017

In 2016 the Scottish Government, in partnership with a number of organisations, initiated a series of Climate Conversations to encourage a public discussion on climate change. 20 trial conversations have now been held.
This seminar will be an opportunity to discover key findings from these climate conversations as well as learn more about the materials and how to use them to encourage discussion and action on climate change.
These materials were produced by Climate Outreach and include a ‘How To’ Guide and associated images as well as three reports on the research behind the ‘How To’ Guide.

Launch event: European Perceptions of Climate Change results - London, 8 March 2017

Join us for the much anticipated results of a major European survey of climate change and energy beliefs in Great Britain, Germany, France and Norway. This two year project is being lead by Cardiff University, with an inter-disciplinary project team including Climate Outreach. It is funded by the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI).

Adam Corner of Climate Outreach will also lead a workshop in the afternoon to explore the implications of the findings for future efforts to engage European publics with climate change.

Limited availability for the event, but it will be livestreamed.

Film Festival: "Gimme Shelter - Climate Change, Migration and the Refugee Crisis" - Newcastle, 16-19 March 2017

This 4-day event will explore ‪these issues through a series of films, events and art works and consider these important questions: Who will be affected and when? What are the experiences of people forced to move? Who, ultimately, is responsible and what should be done? 
Join our Climate & Migration programme manager Alex Randall who will be speaking at various events throughout the festival. 

Climateurope Festival - Valencia (Spain), 5-7 April 2017

The Climateurope Festival 2017 offers a varied 2½ day programme of lectures, discussions, networking and performances to explore the state-of-the-art of climate information, and its uses and value in decision-making at both the European and national levels.

Our Head of Communications Léane de Laigue will present our Climate Visuals project on Friday 7 April and share key insight about how to tell more effective and powerful visual stories about climate change.

National Science Communication conference - The Hague (Netherlands), 10 April 2017

The theme of this year’s conference is impact - science communication with and for society. George Marshall will deliver a presentation entitled "Values and identity- the underlying science of climate change communications" in which he will challenge existing assumptions about science communication and, with international examples, suggest new ways to present scientific information.

Conference on Communication and Environment - University of Leicester, 29 June to 2 July, 2017

Our Research Director Dr. Adam Corner will deliver a keynote speech at the Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE 2017), which will be hosted by the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester