Forthcoming events

In order to spark new climate conversations, we run a wide range of public events.

Conference: Visualizing Climate - Changing Futures? 27 May in London

At this conference we will describe and explore the key findings from our Climate Visuals research, showcase the website, and call for a more evidence-based approach to visual climate change communication. Based on research involving thousands of citizens in the UK, US and Germany during 2015, the project centres on 7 key principles for visually communicating climate change. It contains a growing, interactive library of images to provide inspiration and guidance for journalists, campaigners, bloggers and anyone else using imagery to communicate about climate change.

Webinar: Managing the Psychological Distance of Climate Change, 16th June

Join Tim Isaksson and Adam Corner at 4pm BST on the 16th of June as they explore how to overcome the psychological distance that develops around climate change and move towards the "here and now". This webinar will examine the extensive research around the phenomena and how it is not as simple as moving from "global" to "local".

This webinar expands on our recent guide:  "Managing the Psychological Distance of Climate Change".

Workshop: Climate, Cliques and Conservatism at Tipping Point Conference, 17 June in Warwick

We will be running a workshop at the "Doing Nothing is not an Option" conference organised by Tipping Point in Warwick.

In anglophone countries especially, climate change has become a clearer indicator of political values than immigration, benefits, gun control or capital punishment. But why has this political polarisation developed? In this workshop at Warwick Arts Centre, George Marshall will explore how media coverage and campaign tactics have led to the politicisation of climate change. He will draw on our research into effective communications with the centre-right, faith communities and other societal groups to outline how we can overcome these issues and generate social consensus around climate change.