This half day workshop will enable participants to explore one of the most controversial and complex issues facing society.

What will participants gain from this workshop?

  • Explore the science of climate change and how altered weather patterns and disasters will change migration.
  • Examine the kinds of migration that might result from climate change impacts: where, when and how people might move.
  • Examine some of the latest scientific evidence and research and explore what this evidence shows us.
  • Critically assess the latest legal and political responses to climate-linked migration, and explore when and how law and policy might need to change.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in the consequences of climate change and how they might alter patterns of migration.
  • People working on issues such as human rights, migration and refugees, international development, climate change, disaster relief and preparedness.
  • Anyone working on connected issues from government, academia and civil society.
  • Anyone wanting to gain an understanding of the political, legal and economic solutions to climate-linked migration and displacement.

Where and when?

Amnesty International UK Human Rights Action Centre
Tuesday 16 October
9.30 am - 1pm

Workshop leaders and speakers:

The Climate and Migration Coalition, a Climate Outreach-lead programme looking exclusively at the links between climate change and migration, and the rights of people impacted.

The briefing will be lead by Alex Randall, Climate change and Migration programme manager at Climate Outreach. He is a leading specialist in the connections between climate change, migration and displacement.

The course will include a session with guest speaker Dr Ayesha Siddiqi. This session will explore the connections between climate, disasters and armed conflict and draw on Dr Siddiqi’s extensive research and fieldwork exploring this topic. Having researched these issues on the ground in many countries across the world she is perfectly placed to help participants build their understanding of this complex area. You can find our more about her work and research here.

Cost and Registration:

Large institutions, government and international agencies (turnover > £1 million): £80

Medium sized organisations (turnover £250,000 - £1 million): £60

Small charities and non-profits (turnover <£250,000) and individuals: £40 

Thanks to external funding, we have a limited number of free places for people working in small grass roots organisations, whose projects would benefit from this course.  Apply for a free place.


Photo credit: ADP