Widening Engagement

We specialise in helping new audiences find their climate voice. For too long climate change has been seen as the preserve of 'environmentalists' but there is no fundamental reason why this should be the case.

One of the things that makes us unique as an organisation is our expertise in engaging new and often hard-to-reach audiences. We've worked right across the social and political spectrum on this issue - we know that facts and figures aren't enough for most people and that it's vital to have conversations that resonate with people's values.

Key audiences we are currently helping to engage include:

The Centre-Right

Climate change has become severely politicised in many countries and this polarisation undermines the collective efforts needed to tackle this global threat. Our centre-right programme combines communication research, insights and advice to underpin a more balanced and encompassing climate change narrative.


People displaced as a result of climate change

Many people around the world, especially in poorer countries, are forced to move because of extreme weather events. Rarely are the voices of these people heard, nor are organisations who work on their behalf engaged in climate conversations. Our programme combines academic research with practice to allow for a more open conversation. 


Faith groups

More than 80% of the world's population identify with a religion, yet there is little understanding of how their faith fits with an understanding of climate change. We have started to identify the synchronicity between the two in order to create a more constructive dialogue with the world's five main faith groups.



Most decision makers, policy advocates and educators have a very different understanding of climate change than that of generations who have grown up with this issue. Our young voices work includes practical sessions for educators and young people based on initial research and understanding of how best to discuss climate change. 

New Voices