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Climate Outreach in Australia

Members of Climate Outreach staff, Australia programme staff and The Connectives pose for a group portrait at Voco Oxford Spires, Oxford, February 26 2024.

Australia’s climate story can be a story for all Australians. 

Our work in Australia is a partnership between Climate Outreach, Multicultural Leadership Initiative and Cricket for Climate, funded by the Macdoch Foundation.

This partnership will support multicultural and cricket leaders who can speak to their communities across Australia.

As part of this work, we aim to

  • accelerate, expand and normalise public discussion and action on climate.
  • conduct research to develop practical insights for talking about climate issues.
  • support diverse climate ambassadors to have community climate conversations.
  • engage policymakers on insights gained, including listening to diverse voices.
  • help secure funding and advocate for community-based climate solutions.

We look forward to adding more members to this program. If you would like more information or are interested in supporting our work, please get in touch with our Australia Program Lead, Denise Cauchi.