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What is Climate Outreach up to in Paris?

By Léane de Laigue on December 3, 2015

We know what it takes to have meaningful conversations about climate change – the kind that lead to action – and there are a number of conversations we’d like to have in Paris. Today, two of our colleagues are getting the train there to speak at a number of events inside as well as surrounding the main COP21 conference centre.

We’ll be kicking things off with several official COP21 events at the main conference centre. On Friday 4 December we’ll be speaking about non-formal climate change education, with a focus on youth, building on our previous address at the UNFCCC conference in Bonn in June. On Saturday 5 December, we’ll be delivering the keynote speech at another official UN side event, this one offering practical lessons for encouraging and creating low carbon lifestyles. We’ll also be speaking at a third official side event, “How will nature cope with the COP?” about climate change impacts on species and habitats.

Over the weekend of 5-6 December, we’ll be speaking at 4 events in the city centre and open to the general public. These will all focus on how we can communicate more effectively about climate change with faith groups, building on our growing research in this field. We’ll be doing two joint events with GreenFaith: sharing key insight from our faith research at a forum and delivering a workshop about how to put that research into practice. We’ll also be speaking at two faith-related events at Place To B, the civil society hub during COP21 whose entire programme was inspired by our report on the 7 dimensions of climate change.

Outside of these events, we’ve lined up a number of meetings to make the most of our time in Paris. In particular, we’ll be sharing key findings from our recent research into public perceptions in the UK about the UN climate talks. The common thread of our discussions for our entire time in Paris will be how, whatever the outcome of the negotiations, we can move beyond Paris to create broad societal support for ambitious action on climate change.

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2 responses to What is Climate Outreach up to in Paris?

  1. Shelley Sacks says: says:

    Great work! Good luck…we’d love to talk about methods and practices when you’re back in Oxford…

    • Léane de Laigue replied: says:

      Thanks Shelley – do get in touch! We’d love to find out about your work and share ideas.

By Léane de Laigue (Maternity leave)

Léane leads on disseminating our insights and resources in a way that creates the biggest impact possible. She started her career as a Marketing Manager for Johnson & Johnson, before deciding to become a history teacher. She was asked to teach an Environmental Studies class without any previous experience in the subject, and learning and talking about climate change with her students completely changed her worldview. She has since dedicated herself to public engagement with climate change, working for the David Suzuki Foundation and now Climate Outreach.

Léane’s life has been evenly split between Canada, France, the UK and the US, with a bit of time in Hong Kong and Argentina. She is a native speaker of English and French, speaks Spanish and is currently learning Mandarin. She holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Management (Canada) and an MBA in Marketing (US) as well as undergraduate degrees in Education (Canada) and Humanities (France). In her spare time she can be found climbing mountains, kayaking, reading graphic novels and sometimes unicycling.

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