The relationship between climate change and migration is complex. A series of webinars lead by Alex Randall, our Climate and Migration programme manager, sheds light on some of the many questions that come along with this topic.

Webinar 1: Hot wars - climate change, armed conflict and security (15 Nov 2018)

Will life on a warmer planet mean more armed violence? What are the implications for development, peacebuilding and security?

Webinar 2: Climate and Migration 101 (4 Dec 2018)

How will climate change alter patterns of migration? What are the key elements of the field, the research evidence behind them, and the implications for people, government and civil society?

Webinar 3: Migration and displacement at the climate talks (13 Dec 2018)

The climate negotiations have been a key forum for addressing climate-linked displacement. What has been achieved at this year’s talks? And what progress has been made since last year?