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We’re interested! Consortium application for UKRI coastal community funding

By Amiera Sawas on June 21, 2023

Climate Outreach is interested in joining an academic consortium applying for the UKRI’s Resilient UK Coastal Communities and Seas Network Plus. We are a research and engagement organisation with 20 years experience engaging UK communities on climate change, and helping organisations and institutions engage with them more meaningfully.

We believe that coastal communities and livelihoods are important spaces for place based work and transdisciplinary work on climate engagement and action. For example, we recently ran a global initiative called ‘Ocean Visuals’, which focussed on engaging the public through photography on the intersections of the ocean, coastal livelihoods and climate change. We have also worked with communities and organisations across the UK (and in other countries) to understand from their perspectives, what kinds of narrative frames, messages and images work to draw them into positive and collaborative engagement on climate change – see Britain Talks Climate. We apply these insights through innovation partnerships, as well, where we work with cohorts or individual organisations on their engagement strategies and plans.

We have had the privilege of being on academic consortiums before – for example the Centre for Climate and Social Transformations (CAST). But we also know that for NGOs like ourselves, Universities need to know we have capacity and interest to join consortiums as a partner. So – we are putting out our interest and intention into the world, please contact if you’d like to work with us!

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By Dr Amiera Sawas

Amiera Sawas joined Climate Outreach in 2021. She is responsible for overseeing the programmatic and research implementation of the organisation’s strategy. Amiera has diverse experience in climate, environment and development research and programming work, across the private, non-governmental and academic sectors. This has taken her to various countries including Sweden, Pakistan, Jordan and Kenya. As a result, she’s really passionate about the potential of bringing diverse stakeholders together to combat climate change and set an inclusive vision for our collective future.

Amiera has a PhD in Human Geography, a Masters in Global Politics and a Bachelors in Psychology. She is terrible at languages but has managed to hone a good grasp of French, as well as some basic Urdu. She is currently making her Syrian family proud by finally dedicating time to learning Arabic. In her spare time she can be found dancing samba, listening to hip hop and endlessly watching true crime documentaries.

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