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This interactive webinar hosted by Sara Penrhyn Jones from Bath Spa University brought George Marshall's expertise on climate communication very specifically to the heritage/museum sector to consider how can we use our resources and skills to play a useful, educational role on climate change. Most importantly, George discussed what kind of climate narratives are proven to be compelling and effective. This involved some radical rethinking of old assumptions, as we considered, more consciously, the kind of language and strategies that we use.

In April 2017, Manchester Museum hosted a heritage and climate change workshop in collaboration with several partners including Climate Outreach. This workshop summary presents some of the questions that were discussed, such as "Could heritage organisations play an important role within climate communication- why and how?", as well as potential barriers and how they might they be overcome. Following the workshop, the project partners produced a workshop facilitation pack in order to help the heritage sector communicate climate change in an effective way.

we need to talk about cc
facilitation pack

Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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