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Every day, thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world. But while research on the verbal and written communication of climate change has proliferated, our understanding of how people interpret visual images of climate change is limited to a much smaller number of academic studies, which do not provide much in the way of practical guidance for communicators. As a result, the iconography of climate change has remained relatively static.

Four in-depth discussion groups (in London and Berlin) were carried out to provide a detailed picture of how people respond to different images of climate change, and then followed up with an extensive 3 country survey (UK, Germany, US) of 3000 people. Pulling together the key findings from this research, we identified seven principles for more effective visual communication about climate change.

See our key findings in the report below. 

The seven key findings also inspired the Climate Visuals website, an evidence-based resource for visual climate change communication a growing and interactive library of images:

We recently held a webinar discussing the findings, click here to watch the recording:

For extended findings as well as more detail on methodology:

Finally, this blog post by our Research Director, Adam Corner, discusses the project and its key findings.  

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