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A collaboration with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

This project involves a series of events and publications exploring the idea that climate change is not only (or even mostly) about 'the environment'. Instead, it is a challenge with seven main dimensions, all of which relate to a different aspect of human existence.

Why is it we find climate change such a difficult idea to get our heads around? Is it simply too big and too complex? Or could the opposite be true - perhaps we simplify it too much by placing it in a box labelled 'the environment' or treating it as something for 'middle-class lefties' to worry about?

We've been working with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) to try and shift climate change from a 'scientific fact' to a 'social fact'. We're trying to explore and examine the many different faces of climate change - from science and technology, to law, individuals' behaviour, culture, politics and the economy - to provoke new insights and discussions.

We've collaborated on a report and a series of four events at the RSA - see recordings below. These events highlighted the potential for comedy, poetry and young voices - in addition to leading climate change experts - to cut through the climate silence and provide new ways to think about climate change. 

Watch the recordings from past RSA events

The Point is to Feel it: A Night of Creative Responses to Climate Change (26/05/2015)

New Voices on Climate Change (17/03/2015)

Climate Change Question Time (20/01/2015)

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