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People around the world are already feeling the impacts of climate change and many around the world, particularly in poorer countries, are forced to move because of extreme weather events. Rarely are the voices of these people heard - and organisations working on their behalf aren't always engaged in climate conversations. Our internationally acclaimed climate change & migration programme combines academic research with practice to allow for a more open conversation.

During 2015 the media started connecting climate change with the conflict in Syria and subsequent refugee movements across Europe. Many media reports were in direct response to new research making this connection, and some also examined other major events such as the drownings in the Mediterranean, the refugee camp in Calais and the terrorist attacks in November 2015. But did these media reports accurately represent the research they referenced?

In this Interactive Digital Report, we explore:

  1. What the media said about climate change and Syria
  2. Comparing evidence and media reports
  3. Predicting the future: did the media get it right? 

Photo: UNHCR

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