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The recording of the first webinar is now ready to watch below - and you can sign up until 19 August to join our citizen science project.

Do you find it difficult to have conversations with friends, family and colleagues about the climate crisis?

Are you interested in participating in an innovative ‘citizen science’ project and gaining interesting experience and new research skills?

Sign up is now closed but we welcome you to watch the webinar below

This summer, we are seeking participants for a project exploring how to have conversations about climate change in our daily lives - and how to come out of them feeling inspired and connected. At the same time, we will be building a hugely important evidence base for the future.

The project is a collaboration between Climate-KIC and Climate Outreach working to widen and deepen public engagement in climate change by producing world-leading advice and practical tools for engagement.

As a participant, you will get:

  • A training webinar in early August laying out the evidence base on how to have effective day-to-day conversations about climate change;
  • Support - including from your own community - in having four to five conversations about climate change in your daily life over the summer period, with different sorts of people;
  • The ability to feedback your experiences in written and (if you like) video form and be a part of a wider piece of analysis;
  • A second webinar in October pulling together the feedback from all the participants into a piece of research;
  • A short report giving down to earth guidance on how to have conversations about climate change in your daily life, produced as a result of the research;
  • Inspiration to go on doing it!

At the moment, evidence exists from a number of different sectors - including social science research on climate change communications, non-violent communication principles and informal advice for important personal conversations like coming out or talking about religious beliefs. But this will be the first in-depth exploration of how to have the climate change conversation.

At a time when more are waking up to the climate crisis, these conversations are important. We’d really love to have your participation in exploring this - and hope that together we can learn a lot.

Training Webinars

Webinar 1: How to have a climate change conversation

On Thursday, 1st August 2019, we held the first webinar on how to have a climate change conversation. The webinar lays out the evidence base on how to have effective day-to-day conversations about climate change. We invite you to join us in a citizen science initiative to learn new research skills in public engagement on climate change and to test those skills on your friends, family and colleagues. Make sure to register onto the project and watch the video by the end of August 2019 so you have the opportunity to take part in the full project.

5 minute introduction to the project

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