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For a long time, 'adaptation' was a dirty word in the campaigning world: if we can just adapt, why bother trying to reduce emissions?

But whatever we do to reduce emissions, significant climate impacts are now locked in, and it’s time we started taking the communication about adapting to these risks more seriously.

The practical tips and activities in our new guide, “Communicating climate impacts through adaptation,” were created for the UK Women’s Institute Climate Ambassadors, but are relevant for anyone wishing to communicate climate impacts and ways to adapt within their communities.

The guide includes do's and don'ts to successfully communicate climate impacts, as well as short factsheets about flooding, heatwaves and drought, and activities that communities can engage in to adapt to these risks.

The guide was funded by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy.

Our workshops with WI Climate Ambassadors, which fed into the development of the guide above, are featured in this video produced by the WI to inspire more of their members to become Climate Ambassadors.

Other resources we have produced around climate impacts include our guides to Communicating flood risk in a changing climate and Communicating drought risk.

Images:  Andy d'Agorne (banner) & Ashley Cooper (report cover)

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