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How does a city in lockdown deal with a sudden climate-driven disaster like a typhoon? The measures needed to cope with a sudden episode of displacement  - such as mass emergency shelters - are exactly the opposite of those required to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The two webinar recordings below explore how the coronavirus pandemic is colliding with current patterns of climate-linked migration and displacement, in particular for locations and communities particularly at risk. In the first webinar, our Climate & Migration programme manager Alex Randall outlines key concepts and insights into how these global crises are converging.

Following the webinar above, we ran another webinar in which Alex provided a short recap of the webinar above, but then focused on Q&A and discussion with the participants.

These webinars expand on an article Alex Randall recently wrote for Le Monde Diplomatique: What does Covid-19 mean for people displaced by climate change?

Alex advises a number of key international agencies and governments on their responses to climate-linked migration and displacement. He has also served on the steering group of the Nansen Initiative and Platform on Disaster Displacement. Alex has written extensively on climate change and migration for the Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, New Internationalist, Prospect and numerous other outlets. He is the author of a number of book chapters focusing on the connections between climate change and the rights of refugees and migrants.

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