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This webinar took place on 30 May 2018. Watch the webinar recording below:

Throughout 2018, we will be holding a series of events bringing together filmmakers, digital campaigners, social media strategists and multimedia specialists to share insights and discuss the challenges around communicating and campaigning on climate change through video, film and animation. This programme of events will explore how the Climate Visuals principles can inform campaigning and engagement using these formats, as well as providing a platform for leading voices to describe how they use video and film in their climate communication.

Our first event was a webinar, on May 30th, featuring the Global Head of Multimedia for 350.org, Justin Benn, and Bienvenido León Anguiano, Associate Professor of Television Production and Science Journalism School of Communication, University of Navarra (Spain).

The webinar explored what works - and what doesn’t - in campaign videos on climate change. Are lessons being learned from mistakes of the past? What examples are there of work getting beyond the cliches and telling powerful human stories?

Our speakers

Liz Banse is Vice President of Resource Media, and specialises in communications planning, strategy and execution. Since joining Resource Media in 1999, Liz has orchestrated communications strategy and media outreach on policy and consumer campaigns on issues ranging from focusing media attention on resource extraction impacts on indigenous communities to training UNESCO’s Marine World Heritage program site managers on how to brand and market their world-class jewels of the ocean. Liz is the author of Seeing is Believing: A Guide to Visual Storytelling Best Practices and manages Visual Story Lab, a Resource Media website focused on sharing cutting edge approaches for issue-oriented visual storytelling.

Liz Banse

Bienvenido León is Associate Professor of Science Journalism and Television Production at the University of Navarra (Spain) and has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles and 23 books as author or editor, including "Communicating Science and Technology Through Online Video" (Routledge). He was the principal researcher of the international project Videonline that explored key elements of online science videos, such as narrative trends, production characteristics, and issues of scientific rigor.


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