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Featured in a Carbon Brief guest post during COP22: 
"The power of images to shape climate change perceptions"

This briefing and new image gallery are the latest additions to our Climate Visuals project. It contains an analysis of the key visual themes from COP21, and has two aims. The first is to provide concrete, tangible and practical suggestions for how to tell more compelling visual stories on climate change at COP 22 and beyond. The second is to begin a dialogue among the different perspectives that comprise the visual climate change ‘community’.

In the shadow of the Paris accord, Marrakech is the perfect time to reflect on how we could do things differently. Can we tell new stories about climate causes, impacts and solutions, that can connect with a wider audience in the way that literal reporting of a COP does not? Is it possible to use the insights and expertise of climate campaigners, communicators, researchers, photographers and journalists to work towards a new - more diverse, compelling, and powerful - visual language for climate change?

We discussed key insight from this project at a workshop in Marrakesh with leading NGOs, science-policy professionals, and photographers - we shared our thoughts following the workshop in the video interview below and in our blogpost

Photo credit: Paris Climate

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