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"Is this about me losing my job?"

How do we talk about the transition to a low-carbon economy without it sounding like a threat to the livelihoods - and sense of identity - of all those who work in energy-intensive industries and the communities they support?

The concept of a 'just transition' - where workers and communities affected by the move to a low-carbon economy are supported through a managed transition into different roles - has become increasingly prominent.

If we don't engage in respectful and meaningful dialogue with those who are most directly affected, we risk undermining the transition.

Our new report, "Broadening engagement with just transition", contains communication guidance for civil society representatives, policymakers and academics engaging in conversation with those who work in these industries and the communities they support.

It synthesises a literature review, the results of interviews with union leaders - led by the New Economics Foundation - and existing Climate Outreach knowledge on climate communications and experience of engaging with different communities.

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