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Reports & guides | 16 December 2020

Talking Climate workshop package

Inspired by the guidance in our 2019 Talking Climate handbook on how to have meaningful and productive conversations about climate change in our daily lives? Excited at the idea of running a Talking Climate workshop of your own with your peers? Our new guide to running a Talking Climate workshop, accompanied by a slidedeck and script, will give you all the information you need. 

These resources provide practical evidence-based guidance on how you can help friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and members of your community feel more confident about talking about climate change in their daily lives. The idea is to spread the word and upskill our communities to have better climate conversations – conversations that leave them feeling inspired and connected. 

The workshop is designed to be run online or offline, and there are options to shorten or lengthen it. It is based on a series of exercises that help participants to explore and practice the REAL TALK principles from the Talking Climate handbook. 

The guide – available to download above – explains key concepts covered in the workshop and provides tips for recruiting participants, facilitating a workshop, and hosting an online workshop. The script and slideck available below provide a narrative to follow when delivering the workshop.


To follow up on the success of the 2019 Talking Climate handbook on how to have constructive and inspiring conversations about climate change, Climate Outreach collaborated with EIT Climate-KIC once again to pilot a Talking Climate workshop.

The aim of the project was to test and improve a workshop structure that anyone could deliver in their community, creating a rolling, connected movement of people talking about climate change.

A group of 20 trainers from the EIT Climate-KIC alumni network delivered the 33 test workshops in 22 countries, mainly in Europe, before the methodology was refined to produce this training package.

It was very fulfilling to see how the workshop really empowered and motivated people in having climate conversations.”

Participant, Talking Climate workshop, 2020

Participants learnt just as much from interacting with each other as they learnt from the content of the workshop itself.”

Trainer, Talking Climate workshop, 2020

This script and accompanying resources are freely available for anyone interested in running their own Talking Climate workshop. Permission to use these resources to deliver workshops is for non profit use only.
Cite as: Webster, R. and Gellatly, J. (2020) #TalkingClimate workshop: script. Climate Outreach, Oxford.

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