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Reports & guides | 23 January 2015

Starting a new conversation on climate change with the European centre-right

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Update: read our latest guide from this programme, communicating energy with the centre-right.

Europe’s world-leading climate policies have so far been largely supported by a cross-party consensus, but this unity is threatened by the growing reluctance of the centre-right in some countries to support necessary climate action.

Based on interviews with Members of the European Parliament and an analysis of political speeches, Climate Outreach’s latest report shows how to have a more meaningful conversation with the centre-right across Europe. We identify the values, messages and story-lines to more effectively engage the centre-right and ensure the fragile political consensus in the European Parliament remains intact.

Our report is the first to propose a practical toolkit for communicating climate change with the centre-right European electorate. The recommendations are based on extensive evaluation of the language used by leading figures on the centre-right, and a understanding of their core values.

The report builds on Climate Outreach’s previous influential work engaging centre-right audiences in the UK .

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