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Reports & guides | 2 October 2019

Recommendations for engaging young people with climate change campaigns

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Greta Thunberg has clearly inspired a momentous youth movement, but many young adults who are aware of the urgency of climate change are yet to fully immerse themselves into the new wave of climate campaigning.  

Young campaigners have been telling us they want to reach beyond the usual suspects of young middle-class environmentalists. Our research with young campaigners revealed that most of those aged 18-24 became actively engaged with climate change when they left home for university, and they want to learn how to better engage beyond the university campus.

The recommendations in our “do’s and don’ts” briefing are for young climate campaigners and groups who want to broaden the appeal of their campaigns and bring in new young audiences.

Content for this new resource was developed by combining our social science expertise with results of a 2 year project working with young adults, exploring the social factors that shape how and why some young people become climate campaigners. The project will culminate in the release of a number of climate change projects in novel media formats designed by young people for young people.

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