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Reports & guides | 18 June 2024

Engaging Australia in solving the climate crisis – a guide for funders

Grant-makers play a vital role in accelerating action on climate change. One of the key ways that funders can leverage their resources to maximize impact is through supporting work focused on engaging the public on climate change. This guide is for Australian funders, to support engaging Australians in solving the climate crisis.

By supporting carefully considered interventions designed to drive major shifts in public sentiment, grant-makers can harness the force of public opinion and action to create powerful demands for change.

This guide covers:

  • People and climate change: the current state of play in Australia
  • What works – and what do we need more of?
  • Where and how is public engagement driving change?
  • What to remember when funding this work

If you’re a funder and would be interested in knowing more about this research and the recommendations from the report, do get in touch. Find out more about our work in Australia.

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