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Reports & guides | 7 March 2018

Communicating decentralised renewable energy (DRE)

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When it comes to providing people around the world and particularly the global south with reliable, affordable and clean energy, locally produced renewable energy is a key part of the solution.

However, most civil society organisations working in this sector have found that although many of their stakeholders – in particular financiers and senior policymakers – show interest in Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE), this interest doesn’t turn into ambition or action.

The purpose of our new report is to help NGOs working in DRE to effectively connect with key decision makers and inspire them into action.

The report includes guidance on narratives around opportunity, scale and climate change as well as recommendations for new stories and new communicators, tips to address the major challenges facing investors, and language to avoid.

As highlighted by Hivos (the Dutch development NGO that commissioned this report) in a blogpost titled Why NGOs must turn their communication style upside down,


“What if we try to truly listen to our audiences and connect our message to their values, worldview and sense of identity? The findings were at times surprising, but above all, insightful."

Merit Hindriks, Hivos

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