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Reports & guides | 25 January 2016

Climate Visuals: Seven principles for visual climate change communication

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Climate Visuals is based on international social research: seven core principles to catalyse a new visual language for climate change

The first Climate Visuals report ‘Climate Visuals: Seven principles for visual climate change communication (based on international social research)’ summarises research with members of the public in three nations.

The research combined two different methods. Four structured discussion groups (with a total of 32 citizens) were held: two in London, and two in Berlin. Participants responded to dozens of climate images, engaging in detailed discussions about what they saw. Following this in-depth research, an international online survey of 3,014 people was conducted, with participants split equally between the UK, Germany and the US.

The survey allowed us to test a smaller number of images with a much larger number of people.

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Thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world daily, but our understanding of how people interpret such images is limited, which leaves those trying to communicate about climate issues flying a little blind. To address this and give communicators more in the way of practical guidance, Climate Outreach conducted international social research to build a detailed picture of how people respond to different images of climate change. On this call hosted with The Tree, a project by the Global Call for Climate Action, we present 7 principles for more effective visual communication about climate change (see our report and our Climate Visuals website), followed by a Q&A.

Climate Visuals: Seven principles for visual climate change communication

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